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The ultimate laptop "Microsoft Surface"

In order to work efficiently and produce creative work independently, you need to have a modern and high-performance laptop with multifunctional, high capacity, and well-designed. All Surface models are designed based on these factors. The beginning of Surface Book is similar to launching a technology project. At the initial phase of the project, there were probably not so many ideas. However, creative or innovative ideas will start to flow in later on. Similarly, after Panay has developed Surface Book for a while, he had ideas to develop various accessories to support the Surface series.

Microsoft Surface is the best device for a modernized workspace. The Surface Laptop for business has an artistic style with the stunning design, high-performance, and convenient portability. With Intel® Core™ generation 7th, Surface Laptop is the perfect balance between portability and performance. As the battery life can last up to 14.5 hours, there is no need to carry a charger around anymore. Surface Laptop offers the ultra lightweight that is perfect for your workday. Feel a luxury vibe of the keyboard and unique palm rest covered in a high-quality Alcantara® leather. The Omnisonic Speakers, the premium sound system that is discreetly hidden underneath the keyboard providing superior sound quality. Experience an impressive screen with natural navigation and advanced multi-touch gestures for multitasking on a touchscreen and enjoy a razor-sharp resolution on the vibrant 13.5-inch PixelSense™ interactive touchscreen. Surface Laptop is engineered to deliver the best Windows OS and Office Suite experiences and securities under the support of world-class customer care. Surface Laptop works perfectly for your business at any level of security. Consequently, Surface Laptop provides the security features you are looking for.

The ultimate Microsoft Surface Book is the premium laptop that offers the perfect balance of portability and performance. The first model of Surface laptop was first launched in 2015. The latest model, Surface Book 2, has improved its graphics performance five times comparing to the first model. However, Microsoft launches two of Surface Book 2 models simultaneously including 13.5-inch (3000 x 2000 Pixel) and 15-inch (3240 x 2160 Pixel). These two models support working with Surface Pen and Surface Dial accessories. Besides that, it works perfectly with Windows Mixed Reality which is VR and AR technologies from Microsoft.

Surface Book 2 provides four modes of usability in order to best suit your working style.
Laptop mode: Experience powerful and portable device in a slim and ultra-light laptop. Support various work types with up to 17 hours all-day battery life. Make your work simpler and more productive with a full keyboard and a large built-in trackpad or even easier with an interactive touchscreen.

Tablet mode: Enjoy the high definition and visualize display with PixelSense display technology. Detaching the screen away from the keyboard will transform the Surface Book 2 into the tablet that is thin, light, powerful, and easily portable.

View mode: Press the button to detach the screen, turn the screen around, and redetach it back to share content and presentation.Perfect for entertainment, for instance, watching a movie or playing your favorite game.

By providing the professional software and strong processing performance, this thin but powerful Surface Book 2 is the ultimate answer for all the needs of customers in an ultimate laptop.