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Nowadays, tablets are widely used and are better with their performance similar to a computer. Accessories for a tablet are also essential to a tablet, similar to a smartphone. For entertainment users, cases are what the users should be looking for as the adaptive cases allow users to watch videos or movies without the need to carry the tablet itself. For productivity users, extension keyboard connected with an USB-port allows the users to work on tablet similar to what they do to traditional PC. By selecting accessories, you should consider whether the devices are compatible and meet the needs.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab-S case EF-BT700BSEGWW, an elegant protection  
The case that ensures your gadget retains its slim lines. The modern and eye-catching design accentuates the elegant feel of your Galaxy Tab S. It offers unbeatable protection against scratches, bumps, and other everyday wear and tear. The cover also makes it even easier for you to use a device with an automatic screen on/off function. Simply open the cover will turn on your screen, and closing the cover will turn off your screen. It helps to conserve the battery for your device.

FOCUS anti-glare screen protector for SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S2 AG G. TAB S2 8  
Focus screen protector for tablet, netbook, notebook, and computer screen covers most models, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, Acer, ASUS, HTC, i-mobile, and many more. The anti-glare screen protector is ideal for use as it reduces reflection and fingerprint. It comes with #1 quality and value, ensures you that your accessories will be protected with the screen protector from FOCUS.

SURFACE type cover QC7-00067, typing professionally as using a traditional PC  
Type cover is the next generation of typing where it offers the most advanced typing experience similar to a traditional keyboard. This ultra-thin type cover, made for Surface Pro 4, can be attached and detached from the device, turning your Surface into a laptop at any time you wish.

Apple Smart Cover for iPad mini 1/2/3, a smart cover for your beloved iPad
Smart cover for iPad mini is made of polyurethane to protect your device’s screen. This model of smart cover wakes up your iPad when open, and sleeps automatically. It can be adjusted to several forms to enable you to read documents, view photos, type on documents, or talk on Facetime. The cover can be detached easily whenever you want.  

These accessories help you to use a tablet in a more convenience way. Only you can tell which ones are meeting your needs most.