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Other Smartphone Accessories

A smartphone is indispensable for everyone nowadays. It is becoming more widespread in higher volume following the increasing demand. Similarly, the smartphone accessories are also increasing accordingly or different objectives, such as to decorate, to facilitate, and to protect the smartphone. There are several options for accessories to select.

Smartphone case
The case prevents the smartphone from unwanted factors. Some consumers use the case to decorate, to express artistically, and to improve the touch-and-feel. In addition, some smartphone cases come with the shockproof feature when being dropped. UAG Pathfinder case for Samsung Galaxy S8, for example, is an impact resistant shockproof case with lightweight. Some cases are created to be more useful and creative, such as LED View Cover for Samsung S7 EF-NG930PSEGWW that notifies using the hidden LED allowing you to see notifications instantly.

Protecting film  
The protecting film is used to protect the screen from scratch, to make the screen more durable, and to decrease the screen’s rate of depreciation. The film helps extend the life of the screen, making sure that your device is safe. Apart from protecting films made of normal glass, there are also films made of tempered glass to protect your phone’s screen even better. Focus is one of the famous brands available in the market.

Charging cable  
Make sure of the type of cable that your phone support before making a purchase. If your phone is an Android phone, in most cases, the MicroUSB cable is supported. However, if your phone is an iPhone, it would support the lightning cable instead. Optional accessories include USB hub connector, charger adapter, and connectors, such as USB to HDMI cable, and a car charger.

An earphone is a device that facilitates your conversation, as well as, allowing you to listen to your favorite songs. To enhance the listening experience, instead of using the OEM earphone, you might consider buying headphones, such as GOLF M1 which is suitable for both talking and listening to music. The earphone cable is 1.25-meter long. The earphone has excellent sound during use with the resistance value of 16 ohm+/-15% and the sensitivity value of 88+/-4DB to ensure that your usage is absolutely desirable.  

Smartphone mount  
People are using their smartphone in various places in different conditions, including in a car for entertainment and as a camera. You can easily install the mounting device by yourself, such as using Scosche Magic Mount Window device that is suitable for mounting both smartphones and tablets. You can perfectly use it wherever you want. Also, if you wish for more convenient handling, you can use Popsockets PSK Arbesque that can be attached to the back of your phone to hold for you.  

Nowadays, people are using the smartphone more in the gym or while playing sports. Thus, there are more accessories that come with important features, such devices are waterproof or sweat-proof exercise headphones. Armband and waist pocket are important while you are moving. Avantree, Trackpouch Armband is a sample device to use while you do jogging, cycling, or even exercise in the gym. You can also use different applications on the iPhone, such as listening to music for entertainment when exercising. You can also use headphones to help you to stay in touch. Your exercise will be enjoyable and not boring anymore.