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iPhone accessories - Standard and security

Apple is definitely among the top brands that people consider when thinking about smartphones. Nowadays, there are a lot of manufacturing lines that produce accessories for Apple device. They include iPhone and iPad accessories as well. They range from cases, protective films, glass films, waterproof bags, to dockers. It is important to note that if you are not purchasing iPhone or iPad accessories from the Apple brand itself, you should purchase from a reliable brand with sufficient warranty coverage. 

Choose accessories that are compatible with your model 
Among the various iPhone models, some models in the same series have a similar appearance, which may be confusing to tell if you can use the same accessories for both models or not. If you do not read the specification carefully enough, you may buy the incompatible accessories and waste your money and time. It is often the case that customers confuse their iPhone and iPad size as well as the charger cable. iPhone and iPad have two types of charger cable, the 30-pin connector in the earlier models and the lightning connector in the newer models. You should know which connector type is compatible with your Apple device.  

Material type and color variation 
Sometimes, personal preference determines a specific type of iPhone accessories material. For example, if you are going to use it in an extreme environment, accessories made from rubber is more suitable as it is waterproof and does not slip easily. However, if you are going to carry it around to meetings with customers, it may be better to use luxurious design material like metal to create a rich and reliable look. Additionally, a variation in color depends on personal preference.  

Standard and security 
 For a safe usage, besides carefully using your device and accessories, you should consider the accessories material and whether they are certified with certain standard or not. The standard should be an international standard for security purpose, which will ensure the safety during the use of that accessories. We have summoned interesting iPhone accessories here for you. 

LUMI brown leather case for iPhone 7 Plus, build a style with a beautiful protective case 
This leather case for iPhone 7 Plus is made from high-quality leather. It gives a vintage look and feel. With a soft cloth inside, it contrasts beautifully with the leather. Even though the case is thin, it is enough to cover the camera lens to prevent it from any damage that may occur when you place your iPhone on a table, face up. Each side of the case covers all the buttons, including the Power button and the volume up and down buttons. It is also compatible with both full cover and partial cover glass films. 

Boost up your smartphone with GOLF charging cable GC-36(I) 
 It is uniquely beautiful with its modern design. The cable length is 1 meter. It can be used with Apple iPhones that are higher than the iPhone 5 model. The capacity is 2.4 A. You can also use it as a USB connector to transfer data between your iPhone and a MacBook. The cable head is made from Aluminium, making it durable.
FOCUS protective film TGHD iPhone 7 Plus keeps your iPhone safe 
 This protective film keeps your iPhone screen clear and prevents it from scratches. Hard Coating technology makes it easy to install with the vacuum system. It does not leave any glue stain when removing. It can be cleaned easily and is also reusable. It is the most widely used film today. 

Protect your iPad with Apple case for iPad Mini 1/2/3 Smart Cover 
Smart Cover for iPad Mini is made from Polyurethane that protects your screen. A smart cover can wake an iPad when the cover is opened as well as put it to sleep when the cover is closed. The smart cover can be folded as an iPad stand, which makes it easy for the user to read documents, view the photos, and talk on FaceTime.