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iPhone XS is the "S" model with a familiar design, but all features are powerfully upgraded

Last year, the iPhone X was taking the vision for the future of the smartphone including borderless screen and the Face ID that revolutionizes authentication. One year later it is still the most accurate system until now. This year Apple enhances the smartphone to a new level with the iPhone Xs. Even though it has a similar design, but there is an enhancement in speed, performance, and advanced camera. Is the iPhone XS worth it as the favorite S model or not? Let's take a look at its features and specifications.

The iPhone XS comes with the slogan "Welcome to the big screens". It means the stunning Super Retina displays empowering with faster Face ID and the smartest and most powerful chip in a smartphone. Moreover, it has an advanced dual camera system. Hence, the "iPhone XS" is the climax combination of iPhone features. This model has several features and modern elements as follows.

Stunning Super Retina displays with a custom OLED design: Experience two all-screen designs. One of the screen designs offers the largest display ever in the iPhone. There are a faster Face ID and the smartest and most powerful chip in a smartphone with the advanced dual camera system. Therefore, the "iPhone XS" is the climax combination of iPhone features. In addition, the Super Retina displays in a bigger screen with the OLED design is only available on the iPhone XS. It is able to deliver the best color accuracy in the industry with the HDR that can display true blacks. The material is not average quality thus, it is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone. The beautiful new gold color is introduced with a surgical grade stainless steel band now in gold. It reaches a new level of water-resistant and dust-resistant. There is an enhancement in the Face ID that goes far beyond the capabilities and security of facial scanners. With the advanced Face ID, your face is the password for accessing and security is a simple authentication. When your face is the password, you can unlock the iPhone and access to secure apps and many more features with a simple glance. It is the fastest and most secure facial authentication system ever in a smartphone. 

Besides, there is an intelligent A12 Bionic Chip, which is the smartest and most powerful chip in a smartphone. With the next-generation Neural Engine, you will receive an augmented reality experience. New Depth Control in Portrait mode enables more sophisticated portraits with a beautiful background with an advanced dual camera. The dual camera recently receives favor from worldwide. It is the new definition of photography with an ultra-modern sensor that corporate between ISP and Neural Engine to create impressive images. iPhone XS offers 4G LTE Advanced for even faster download speeds and storage up to 512GB, which is the largest storage for iPhone device. None of the smartphones are comparable to iPhone. From all decision and reconsideration make iPhone different from others. It starts with the production to consolidate personal and security from the beginning till the modern method to recycle a component. In summary, iPhone XS is still continuously a modern and premium smartphone with the luxury design, a new gorgeous gold, and packing with several advanced technologies, which is worth to have it.