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The iPhone XR from Apple is beyond a moderate smartphone

The important thing that captures the interests of the people is the secret keeping of a product. In the iPhone development, the working space requires an authentication. Besides, the Apple company disallowed to hire external companies to work on the project. Instead, Apple has to relocate employees from other departments to work on the project. Hence, every new product launch is always exciting and surprising until today. Back to 12th September 2018, Apple launched iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and, iPhone XR. The new products were available for online booking in the first tier countries on 14th September 2018 and the official release was set on 21st September 2018 for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. In Thailand, all three models are officially available on 26th October 2018, which is quite fast. Especially for iPhone XR, it is available in Thailand at the same time with the first tier countries.

The iPhone XR is introduced with smart features, beautiful finishes, and a new liquid retina display. The Liquid Retina display has the most advanced LCD in a smartphone, faster Face ID, and the powerful and smart chip. Furthermore, it has an advanced dual camera system. The iPhone XR has a flawless look at every angle. The outstanding feature of this model is the Liquid Retina display, which is the most advanced LCD while a new backlight design enables the display to stretch into the corners. Therefore, it displays a stunning and realistic color from the corner to another corner. Moreover, the extraordinary material, the most durable front glass ever in a smartphone, is wrapped in an elegantly matched anodized band made from aerospace-grade aluminum. This new design is dust-resistant and water-resistant. It has six new finished colors. With the advanced Face ID, your face is the password for accessing and security is a simple authentication. When your face is the password, you can unlock the iPhone and access to secure apps and many more features with a simple glance. It is the fastest and most secure facial authentication system ever in a smartphone. Furthermore, don't miss out the advanced camera. The camera recently receives favor from worldwide. It is the new definition of photography with an ultra-modern sensor that corporate between ISP and Neural Engine to create impressive images.

However, due to the cheaper price compared with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, there is some disadvantage. For example, although iPhone XR also comes with a new Liquid Retina HD display, it is less effective compared with the Super Retina HD in iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. Mainly, it does not support the HDR. Hence, the iPhone XR can support only 326 ppi screen resolution (similar to iPhone 8), which is a normal LCD IPS. It is not an OLED display. The contrast ratio is  1400:1. If we compare the quality of the image, it is incomparable to the more expensive models. It is not suitable for watching a movie as well. Besides, the water-resistant level of iPhone XR is in IP67 that follows the IEC 60529 standard (1-meter depth with 30 minutes as maximum time). The level is equal to the previous iPhone models. Therefore, it is not precisely durable.

None of the smartphones are comparable to iPhone. From all decision and reconsideration make iPhone different from others. It starts with the production to consolidate personal and security from the beginning till the modern method to recycle a component. Hence, all iPhone models still dominate the market and continue to be selling well.