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Vivo ..The brand new Android smartphone

Vivo is the brand new Android smartphone from China that people are starting to see advertisements on the street, in stores, or even in online channels. Most people may wonder what this brand is, where it comes from, and how good it is. Therefore, PowerBuy would like to solve all doubts and introduce you to the Vivo, which is the quality brand at an affordable price.

Thai people may not be very familiar with the Vivo brand. However, the company has been established almost 20 years ago since 1995. The company started from selling electronics products in the Chinese market, whether it is mp3, mp4, or feature phones under the "Bu Bu Gao" brand. Later, the company started producing the first smartphone that uses the Android operating system in 2011, which is Vivo x1. There is a research center that has more than 800 developers. Hence, Vivo is a world-class smartphone brand that focuses on excellent sound quality and imaging with cutting-edge technology. Moreover, it has been developed to have a creative and modern design for teenagers. Vivo focuses on designing and producing smartphones, smartphone accessories, and software and also providing impressive online services.

Besides, Vivo has expanded its business to India and Southeast Asia. Vivo has continuously been committed to pursuing true perfection and creating surprises for users through new innovation. Vivo is the first company that pioneers Hi-Fi audio chip used in smartphones. The first Vivo smartphone that adopted Hi-Fi audio chips is the X1. Furthermore, Vivo continues to provide the best audio experience for customers. The camera technology is considered as one of their competitive advantages. Photography is one way that people can express themselves and share happiness with others. Smartphones can provide professional photography experience that captures beautiful moments of life.

Production standard  
The R&D standard: Vivo has focused on the R&D system since the establishment of the company, especially on research and development in self-reliant and technical innovation. These factors are important in increasing the brand's competitiveness. The company has established R&D centers in China, including Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Dongguan. These centers are responsible for research and development of mobile phones. Nowadays, these R&D centers have more than 1600 researchers and developers.

The chamber for Hi-Fi audio test: The chamber for Vivo Hi-Fi audio test was established in October 2011. Therefore, the chamber has been used to create innovative Hi-Fi audio, debugging, and testing the Vivo Hi-Fi audio quality. The background noise of the chamber is less than 20dB as approved by the Ceprei Calibration & Testing Center. Furthermore, there are professional testing equipment and strict standards that can guarantee Hi-Fi audio quality throughout the Vivo production line.

The strict quality control system: The quality of the product is guaranteed by the design, production, and operation according to the international standards for quality assurance and international quality system ISO9002. There are various processes with a strict quality control system that has a good reputation for excellent quality products.

The modern production: There is the SMT laboratory that uses computer systems and modern laboratories for assembling parts. The company has more than 90 production lines with 8.5 million pieces of monthly production capacity in Dongguan, Chongqing, New Delhi, and Jakarta. The Vivo's production is also leading in control and test of completed production processes, which is operated by a professional team in technology research and development.

According to the latest with information by IDC, Vivo Smartphone has reached the top 5 of the world's most popular smartphones, which sells more than 14 million units.