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The Thai people’s view towards OPPO, it is a well-known trending mobile phone brand that comes up with outstanding designs and innovative functions. Its overwhelmingly rising sales and reputation are proven. The high standard of production is accepted from the global market. OPPO brand was officially registered worldwide in 2001 and was established in China in 2004. In the first era of OPPO, it previously produced DVD players and was significantly successful as MP3 and MP4 manufacturer. Around 2005 to 2007, OPPO has turned their business into a mobile phone market. Still, OPPO mobile phone still maintained the reputation of audio and sound quality that attracted a number of buyers at the time. Finally, in 2016, OPPO has launched F1 and F1 Plus smartphones and also introduced Super VOOC Flash fast-charging technology. Today, OPPO’s unstoppable development would make you reconsider to own their smartphone with the following innovative features;
A.I. Beauty
 Based on a global image database of human faces, OPPO A.I beauty technology can recognize the user’s gender, age, skin, and race, then precisely define 200+ facial features spots to capture the real user.
 ColorOS, based on Android, is developed to make it more enjoyable and consistent to our users. The Split-screen feature enables you to run two apps simultaneously.  For a game lover, ColorOS helps to eliminate all the distracting problems, enable you to enjoy the best phone performance, smooth and efficiency to any kinds of using purposes. 
 Super Full Screen
 OPPO brings phone screen experience to another level. The new smartphone models are applied with the standard Full View Display width; a 19:9 aspect ratio with a display area of 88-98%, allows you to act more fully through larger screen dimension.
 Facial Unlock
 Beyond fingerprint scan. OPPO offers another option of unlocking phone screen that is easy and accurate than ever. With the ultimate flagship function, Facial Unlock lets you just unlock your phone quickly in the blink of an eye, by picking up your phone and looking at the screen.
 OPPO aims to develop advanced innovations in smartphones. Launched several models are high spec value, and finally dominated to mid-level market. A leader of ultimate selfies with the stated technologies, which we have gathered many interesting models as listing ;
 OPPO R15PRO comes unparalleled with epic features
 OPPO R15PRO has a distinctive and stylish glass surface design with complete functions. More enjoyable for a shooting experience, the model is fully equipped with IMX 529 sensor, larger aperture, and powerful processing system. Including the technology to customize the 3D light effect to ensure that you will get absolutely stunning images. Breakthrough in original Full-Screen development, OPPO R15PRO offers 6.28 inches screen frame, 89% display area allows to maximize creativity.
OPPO A83 AI-Enhanced Camera Smartphone with affordable price
 OPPO A83 will precisely define your real face, adjust skin tone, however, it will give you a realistic portrait. Outstandingly, 8PM front camera and 13MP rear camera on A83 are powered by “Ultra-HD” mode, can create a 50MP photo. The 5.7” full screen, featuring 1440x720 pixels, is aesthetically fitted within a narrow frame and is visually immersive, whether you are watching videos or playing games.
 OPPO F7 AI powerful selfie camera, capture real you
As no one can accomplish, OPPO F7 discover the real beauty of you. AI Beauty technology, together with 25MP front camera and HDR sensor will not merely give you portrait more lively, yet you will obtain the most flawless performing image. Additionally, the 6.23’ FHD +  Super Full Screen F7, features a 88% screen with 19:9 aspect gives 16% broaden your view. The 6.23’ FHD will embrace your best Smartphone experience.