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  "Power Buy” brings electricity to communities as part of social development 2017

Power Buy in partnership with Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna provides solar power plant to
the less fortunate locals of Ler Kra village, Om Koi, Chieng Mai.

Mrs. Nuchakorn Pongsivapai, General Manager of Marketing Communication, as the
project leader for CSR committee Power Buy Co., Ltd., with Mr. Sakorn Punta and Mr. Srithorn Uppakum,
project leader in research and development of mixed type power plant of Ler Kra village from the faculty
of engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna,has jointed open the ceremony of
delivering the solar power plant from Project “Power Buy Bringing Electricity to Villagers of LerKra
village, Om Koi, Chieng Mai, year 2”. The ceremony was presented to Mr. Jirayu Yongpetch, LerKra
municipal chief, and Mr. Kittichai Laoyark, on behalf of Director of Office of the Non-Formal and Informal
Education (NFE). Mr. Jumlong Pundor, major of Mae Tuene Subdistrict Administrative Organization and
Mr. Kamchai Louisyapong, representative of CRC Thaiwatsadu Co., Ltd., as our cooperative partner to
this project jointed celebrated with the aim to help and contribute to local communitee in the further part
of the country where electricity for education and basic standard of living, build lasting economy for local
villagers via using electricity to transform agricultural product and to support them to reduce opium
plantation and deforestation.

   "Power Buy” brings electricity to communities as part of social development 2015

To help schools in remote areasprovide educational opportunitiesthrough projects includinglong
distance learning via a satellite, Power Buy has given birth to a project in Chiang Mai called “Power Buy
brings light to Om Koi” – a solar-cell power system capable of supplying every household in Ban Pi
Porvillage, Mae Tuensub-district, Om Koi district, with electricity. Situated in a green valley surrounded
by mountain ranges, Ban Pi Porlies in one of the country’s poorest districts devoid of electricity – a
much-needed resource that can bring about overall development. Power Buy stepped in to remedy the
problem, financing the project by using income from sales of Let’s Plug T-shirts

as well as financial support from the company’s trading allies along with donations from employees and
clients who use Power Buy’sservices. Power Buy has delegated the Rajamangala University of
Technology Lanna Faculty of Electrical Engineering to construct the solar-cell plant, which will have
enough production capacity to supply electricity to more than 60 households in the village. Power Buy is
also contributing one bulb to every house, which means more than 300 people in the village will now
have light at night.

Besides this, Power Buyhas purchased electrical rice milling machines as a central facility for the village,
replacing existing ones that use petrol. The company also donated a refrigerator to a local school to
keep vegetables and ingredients fresh so these can be used to make lunch for students and people in
the village. Furthermore, Power Buy received donated items from other companies under the Central
Group umbrella and handed them to children at Ban Pi Porand schools in three other surrounding
villages, such as sports equipment from Super Sport, Tops Supermarket snacks, stationery from B2S,
drawing and writing material from Family Mart andAuntie Anne’s snacks. The students and teachers of
the Mae Fah Luang Hill Tribe Thai Community Education Center in Ban Pi Porwere overjoyed with what
they were given. We at Power Buy are proud to be part of the sector that helps improve the well-being
of children and people living in remote areasso they enjoy a better quality of life, because we believe
that the power of giving and The Power of Sharing