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A home decoration makes your home more beautiful, exciting, and fulfilling the resident’s needs. Therefore, it is essential to design and have a plan for home decoration in order to make your home livable and organized. In addition, you have to consider “Home Decors and Accessories”.

We should have a house plan, room location, and usage of each room. For example, the living room should be the first room you walk into when you enter the house to welcome guests. A bathroom is expected to be located next to the living room for convenient usage. A bedroom should be located at the back of the house to avoid noises and disturbance when you’re sleeping. A kitchen should be located at the back of the house as well to keep the rest of the house away from food smells and smoke while cooking. However, it should not be located next to the bedroom as it can disrupt your sleep.

The floor is supposed to be decorated based on the home style. You can decorate a floor by using different materials, colors, and patterns to divide a zone for better area utilization.  It can be a line, different patterns, and different levels. These differentiations will divide a room into distinct sections. Different flooring has different pros and cons. The advantage of parquet flooring is that it does not absorb cold temperatures. Thus, you will not feel cold when walking on it. It is suitable for a bedroom. However, the disadvantage is that it can be damaged by water and the color is easy to fade. Tile flooring is durable, waterproof, and easy for cleaning. In addition, there are many colors and patterns available for selection. Though, the tile patterns are quite outdated. If you want to change tile flooring, you have to demolish the floor.

The ceiling can help to define room sections and boundaries of the house clearly. Besides, it is a frame to determine the position of the lamps and lights. You need to consider the level of light regarding the usage in each specific area.

In terms of furniture location, it has to be located according to the activities in the house. The important thing is that it shouldn’t make the resident feel uncomfortable. The arrangement of a living room set, a dining table, sofa position, and chair toward the center table can determine the activity area. A kitchen counter can divide the cooking area from other areas. If you have a large room, furniture should not be located randomly as it will waste your effort and time. You should select furniture that is easy to maintain and clean. When you finish using it, you should store it properly. Therefore, you should keep it in the storage room, cabinet, or shelf in order to make your house look nice and clean.

The garden decoration will make your house look pleasant and beautiful. Trees enhance mood and tone for the house. The shade from the trees can cool your house. Outside of the house, you can decorate as a patio for guests, party with friends, or as a private corner. Otherwise, you can plant a few trees around the house. You can plant a mixture of big trees and small trees or have a backyard garden for herbs and edible plants.

You need to select fences and terraces that fit you. Fence and terrace decorations are another way to create a nice atmosphere for the house. If you like a natural style, a wooden fence is a right choice for you. However, it is not durable. Another choice is a cement wall that can be decorated in several styles. The advantage is its durability. Fence and terrace decorations depend on the preference and budget of the owner.

As you can see, house decoration can make your home cozier. The organized space can determine activity areas. Placing furniture in the right place makes your house beautiful and you will feel happy and comfortable living in it!