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Washer & Dryer 2 in 1 (Washer Dryer Combo)

Most people think it is not necessary to have a washer dryer combo. However, apart from a washer that provides convenience in washing your clothes, there is also a dryer that saves you time and energy in drying them. You will have more time for other activities and hobbies. Other than saving time, a dryer also has other benefits.

As mentioned earlier, a washer & dryer 2 in 1 saves time as the average drying time is around an hour. On the other hand, if you sun-dry your clothes, it is impossible to control the drying time due to the fluctuation in the weather. In case it rains every day, you may need to rewash your clothes to get rid of the musty odor from air-drying your clothes. Another advantage of using a dryer is a fresh smell and soft texture of the fabric. You may wonder why your clothes do not have these qualities after air-drying, even though you have already added a fabric softener. It may be the result of a long period of wind blow as well as a strong UV ray from the sun, which cause the fabric to dry off and eliminate the pleasant odor from a fabric softener.

However, if you use a dryer, these problems will no longer be your concern. You will need only an hour to dry your clothes. The laundry result is exceptional as it retains the pleasing odor, preserves the soft texture, and reduces dust, fur, and pollens from the wind. The dryer has a filtration system to prevent these matters from mixing with your clothes during the drying process.

Apart from this, a washer dryer combo also saves your electricity bill. The newer models today save more energy than the older generations. Since newer washer models can rinse off the water more effectively, the washer doesn’t need to operate vigorously.

Finally, a washer & dryer 2 in 1 enhances the health of the family. The heat used during the drying process eliminates more bacteria and mold than air-drying your clothes. If you dry your clothes indoors, there is a chance that your clothes will stay damp, which become the source of bacteria. It is unhealthy, especially for small children and people with an allergy problem.

Therefore, Power Buy would like to recommend these washer & dryer 2 in 1 that will fit all your needs, whether it's the price, the quality, or the elegant design.

LG FC1408D4W Front Load Direct Drive Inverter Washing Machine (Combo Washer & Dryer) will serve all your laundry needs. LG's revolutionary TurboWash™ technologies provide the industry's fastest cycle times for 120 seconds to completely remove all the detergent. It saves washing time but preserves the washing efficiency. The 6 Motion Direct Drive combines up to six different wash moves for the greatest cleaning technology. The Inverter Direct Drive Motors that power the washing machines are super reliable and quiet. It comes with a 10-year warranty on the motor and parts.

The next model is the Samsung WD80J6410AW/ST Washer Dryer 8/6 kg. This Samsung washer dryer combo can complete your laundry in just 59 minutes. It uses Speed Spray to rinse the clothes more powerfully and accelerates the spin speed to complete the washing in just 59 minutes. It saves a large amount of energy by washing large loads at low temperatures using ecobubble™ technology. Bubbles activate detergent, so it quickly penetrates fabric and removes dirt easily. If you are interested in the news and updates on other washing machine models, you can come and visit our Power Buy website 24/7.