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Top-Load (One Tub) Washing Machine - the original model is easy to use

The most widely used type of the washing machine is indeed the top-load single tub washing machine. It is the original model with basic functionalities that are easy to use. It is suitable for washing a large number of clothing items. The price of a top-load one tub washer is economical. Even though it may seem easy to choose, there are some factors to consider to allow you to get the optimal choice of the top-load one tub washing machine.

Location and area of placement  
You should start by calculating the area in your room to see the space available to place the washing machine. If the range is approximately 48 - 60 cm, a front-load washing machine is suitable. For 34 - 48 cm, a compact front-load washing machine is more proper. However, for 40 - 45 cm, it is best to use a top-load single tub washing machine.

Suitable utility 
 If you favor an economical washing machine, a top-load one tub washing machine is an answer as it is cheaper than other models. Also, if you wish to save washing time and prefer washing a large pile of clothes at once, nothing is comparable to a one tub top-load washer.

Choose the perfect capacity
You can choose the right capacity by determining the number of times you wash your clothes in a week. If it is less than four times a week, a washing machine with 5 - 6 kg is sufficient unless you also wash bulky items like blankets and bed sheets. If you wash your clothes 4 - 6 times a week, a 7 kg washing machine is suitable. For those who wash their clothes more than six times a week, an 8 kg washing machine is the best choice since you can clean many clothing items all at once.

Washing time  
You should also observe the most convenient time to wash your clothes. For example, if you are always busy during the day and need to wash your clothes late at night or very early in the morning, you should consider a washer with a wash timer or a dryer program. If you rarely stay at home, you should select the model with the functionality for remotely controlling and monitoring your washer using your smartphones. These innovative functionalities are available in newer models as follows.

High durability Panasonic NA-FS16G4HRC top-load washing machine  
The secret of preserving your fabric and extend its lifetime is by using this Panasonic NA-FS16G4HRC washing machine. It comes with a 16 kg drum and ten available wash programs as well as ten years motor warranty for your confidence.

Hitachi SF-170XWV SL, smart top-load washing machine  
Hitachi SF-170XWV SL uses 4 Button Control. Press the Water Power button to change water flow in five steps. Press the Shower Plus button once, and the water level increases by one. The sensor detects if the lid is opened or closed with a lid lock. Powdered detergent, liquid detergent, bleach, and softener can all be put in a single drawer. The drawer can be taken out and wash with water, so it's always clean.

Bosch WOA114STH, a top-load washing machine that delivers exceptional laundry quality
With a single button press, Bosch WOA114STH top-load washing machine cleanly washes your clothes and dries them completely. The all-in-one functionalities make it an ideal model for people who long for a high-efficiency washer. With the capacity of 12 kg, washing a bulk of clothes is no longer a problem. There are many more top-load single tub washing machine alternatives at Power Buy that will meet your needs and suitable for your daily lives. You and only you can select the washing machine that fits your needs.