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Front-Load Washing Machine

Washing machine comes in various types, each of which is suitable for different purposes. However, all models must provide convenience to the customers as well as save their time. A front-load washing machine had long been an excellent and popular choice as it preserves the fabric, prevents tangling, and delivers exceptional washing quality. However, a top-load washing machine today has developed to possess those qualities as well. Indeed, a front-load washing machine still has an advantage in the use of hot water with less energy consumption. There are many factors to consider before you purchase a front-load washing machine.

Durability is the primary factor
From product specifications, you can observe the sort of material used to tell how durable the drum is. The higher the capacity, the higher the durability. Additionally, it is best to avoid a drum made from iron as it will become rusty quickly. We recommend a drum made from thick plastic for highest durability.

Drum capacity
Choosing the correct capacity of a washing machine based on usage, for instance, if you need to wash your blankets, bed sheets, or jeans, select the model with higher capacity. It is also helpful to examine the model’s electricity consumption per capacity to be able to choose the option with optimal electricity efficiency that also fits your needs.

Wash programs
Even though newer programs today come with the washing machine, some people never use them. Thus, it makes no difference to the laundry. However, if you try each program, you will see that there is a dryer program that allows you to iron your clothes directly after drying. The program is similar to the standard dryer, but it usually takes more time. Thus, it is best to choose the model with all the necessary programs that fit your needs.

Brand and warranty
They are one of the factors that we should consider. A washing machine is a home appliance that is pretty durable. The average lifetime is approximately five years and more. Some brands even provide up to ten years warranty, but only for the parts, for instance, a motor. It all depends on the customers’ trust in the brand as well as the customers’ personal experience with the brand.

Save your fabric with Siemens WM16W640EU 9kg 1600RPM front-load washer This front-load washing machine
 comes with a capacity of 9kg and up to 1,600 RPM. A total of 20 wash programs are available for usage. The iSensoric Premium Washing Machine with waterPerfect and aquaSensor measure the detergent for you and help you save water and detergent. You can set the water temperature from 20 to 90 degree Celcius. It removes bacteria and ensures that your clothes are always clean.

Elevate your washing experience with a powerful Hitachi BD-90XAV BK front-load washing machine
The bigger the diameter of a front loading washer drum, the more effectively dirt in fibers is removed. This Hitachi BD-90XAV BK front-load washing machine helps your family deal with a large pile of clothes with 1,400 RPM. It saves your time and is well worth the price.

Full washing capacity with Panasonic NA-120VX6 10kg washing machine
Panasonic NA-120VX6 washing machine comes in a stylish design and sophisticated look to enhance your living space. It comes with full functionalities like ActiveFoam system with Fast Wash that lifts stains away fast with fine foam, Active Speed Wash that realizes wash and superb wash result, and Blue Ag+ hygiene for bacteria elimination and 60c/90c hygiene for allergy care. The technology removes bacteria and common household allergens that irritate sensitive skin.

Fast wash with LG FC1410S2W front-load washing machine
This model can take up to 10kg of clothes. Turbo Wash™ feature uses a power motion wash action system along with increased water temperatures to enhance and speed up the wash cycle resulting in a short time cycle only 59 minutes. By directly spraying water to the clothes while spinning at a high speed for 120 seconds, detergents can be completely removed. The 6 Motion technology features six different wash motions to provide a gentle cleaning experience and maximize washing performance. Power Buy believes that for the best washing efficiency and fabric care, you should examine and compare different models to obtain the optimal washing machine.