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Dry Your Clothes Fast with the Easy-To-Use Dryer

In the rainy season when it's raining every day, a home appliance that provides convenience and reduces your worries about damp clothes is a drying machine (also referred to as a dryer). Wet or damp clothes is a serious problem. Imagine when it rains almost every day, the humidity in the air increases. When you air-dry your clothes, it is likely that the clothes will have a musty odor that cannot be removed by a fabric softener. This musty odor can make you feel uncomfortable going outside as it decreases your self-esteem.

The solution to the mentioned problem is a dryer, which is much more convenient than air-drying your clothes as it is independent of the weather. You can wash your clothes every day without having to wait for the sun. It is suitable for households that have limited space for air-drying the clothes or those that have members with an allergy problem or small children. Drying your clothes with a dryer prevents them from dust, smoke, and pollens from the air outside the house. It also reduces bacteria and mold from forming on the clothes. Moreover, the fabric after using the dryer is softer than air-drying. You can save your time and energy as it takes about 60 - 120 minutes (depending on the fabric type) to dry the clothes and you can wear them right after. There are several methods to choose a dryer, for example, select a dryer based on necessity. You can observe the number of family members and how often you do the laundry. Then you can decide on the size of a dryer from 6 kg to 9 kg. Besides, you can also choose a dryer based on dryer program. The dryer typically comes with two systems. The first system is a vented system, which heats air and blows it through tumbling clothes. This type of system requires a space for connecting a duct. The second system is a condensing system, which uses a heat exchanger to remove moisture from the warm air that has passed through your damp clothes. The water is stored in a tank or drained away. The system does not require a duct as you can empty the water manually. You can install it anywhere with a power outlet. To decide between the two systems, you can consider the convenience and the area of the household. If you are comfortable with installing a duct, you can select a vented dryer as it delivers the same efficiency at a much lower price. However, if your residence has limited space, especially if you live in a townhouse or a condominium, you should consider a condensing dryer. Apart from these, there are special features that come with each model, for instance, timer, humidity level indicator, heat level adjustment based on fabric type, and anti-wrinkle system. You can select based on your needs.

Power Buy would like to suggest these exceptional quality dryers at an attainable price. The first model is Bosch WTE84100TH condenser tumble dryer with a stand. You can enjoy fabric-friendly drying with the Sensitive Drying System. The modern design, smart system, high durability, and brand reliability are all available in this model. AutoDry saves time and energy by automatically stopping the drying process once it's complete while Sensitive Drying system combines warm air currents and a gentle drum structure for dry clothes. The drum size is 7 kg, and there are nine available dry programmes. You can set the timer in advance up to 24 hours.

The next model is Electrolux EDV7552 7.5kg Venting Dryer and PN333 stand. It comes with six dry programmes based on time and heat level. The Smart Sensor adjusts drying time for the correct care. Humidity sensors (Auto Sensing) are activated three times throughout each cycle to eliminate over-drying which can be harmful to your clothes. It also comes with Electronic Control Panel with LED Light Indicators Panel Display for each drying process and for notifying when a filter needs to be cleaned. You can choose whether you would like to install the air duct at the front or back as well as adjust the air direction.