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A water heater is another important electrical appliance that almost every house must have, especially for the winter that comes with cold water. Because the cold water passes through the shower at dawn or in the middle of the night would make daily shower quite difficult. Thus, a good helper would be the water heater. Though the winter of Thailand may not be very cold, if you don’t have a water heater, you would have to bath in cold water. Otherwise, you may not want to take a shower. There are many brands of water heaters, such as Panasonic, Sharp, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Sanyo, Stiebel, Faco, Siemens, Turbo, etc. The prices are ranging from two thousand Thai Baht with additional installation fees. Many of you might already have your favorite brand but some of you might not select yet. The recommendation is that you should consider suitable features, quality, and price. The brand of the product might sometimes affect the decision as well. The production place of import from some country also slightly affect the decision. By the way, you should choose a water heater that is highly efficient and has a standard quality. Because of the more the brand is well-known, the higher in standard and safety of the brand. According to the standard quality, a water heater which is a reliable brand will pass the quality test and receive various awards. This is a preliminary guarantee of quality. Although it is more expensive than an unknown brand water heater, it is safe and has a longer usage.

You may notice that the water heater is high electricity consumption, so many households may dismiss this important point. Thus, we will point out the importance of these electrical appliances. First of all, it helps to shower easier during the winter. It helps to stimulate blood circulation, which results in bright and radiant skin. It also helps relax muscle tension, as well as reduce pain in the body. It stimulates the body to awake, refresh. It helps open skin pores and results in an easier wipe out the clogged dirt on your skin.  The initial benefits vary. As you can see its benefits, you should find one for your home to relax with warm water after working day.

Therefore, the Power Buy website would recommend you some interesting water heater models. The water heater (3,500 watts) brand SHARP, model WH33 will make you feel relax with a warm feeling that can be adjusted to 3 levels as you want. The device comes with a power lamp to show the status that the heater is working. It is made of good quality material that is certified for a safety standard. It comes with the Incoloy heating coil, which is good heat resistance properties and resistance to rust. For the safety system, there is an ELB Checker button for automatically cutting off the electricity within 0.1 seconds when there is a leakage current of only 15 mAh. There is an auto thermostat temperature and also a temperature control button to adjust the temperature, which is easy to use and allow you to adjust up to three levels. Firstly, the COMFORT stream is soft water to refresh your day. Secondly, the JET stream is warm water with some massage for relaxing specific area and relieving fatigue. Lastly, the SPRAY stream is warm spray water to stimulate the muscles and lifting the skin.

Another recommended model is a water heater (4,800 watts) from HITACHI, model HES-348V-BK. The machine is certified by the international standard IP25, which mean it can prevent water and dust from entering the machine with full efficiency. You can surely take a warm shower with the 12-point safety system. The heater has a 5-year warranty, which is highly heated resistance, safety, and durability. In addition, the showerhead and the spray hose are antibacterial agents and the water stream can be adjusted up to 5 styles. With the modern water breaker and shower system without electricity, it is energy saving. Let's you shower at normal temperature without having to turn on the switch. Moreover, there are also other models for you to choose and buy as you need and match your desire from Power Buy online 24 hours.