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A water heater is another electrical appliance that almost every house must have, especially for the winter that comes with cold water. The cold water passes through the shower at dawn or in the middle of the night would make your everyday showering quite difficult. Thus, a good helper would be the water heater. The winter in Thailand may not be very cold. However, without the water heater, you would have to take a shower in freezing water. Otherwise, you may not want to take a shower at all.

Let’s talk about the key points to consider when buying a water heater from the  Chiangmaiaircare website. First of all, you may consider its shape, beauty, design, and functions. However, please do not forget about the safety system. For the family, it is recommended to use from the 1-liter size of the water heater, which is proper for about four people or more. The frequency of usage (if many people use it) may require you to choose a larger model to be able to warm the water immediately without overload the heating system. In the case of less usage such as one or two people, the half-liter size is sufficient. The next point that must be considered is that the water heater consumes a lot of electricity. In the case of an electric water heater, the energy-saving number 5 label should be commonly considered. However, additional suggestions would be choosing the water heater that is suitable for the majority of usage such as using warm water for showering or washing dishes, etc. and choosing the right one for the family size (depends on how many people are there) can also save more energy. Moreover, using efficient showerhead can save water by 25 to 75%, which is more than the ordinary showerhead. Using a water heater that has a water tank inside the machine with the insulation can reduce energy consumption by 10 to 20%. On the other hand, you should avoid using an electric water heater that does not have internal water tanks, because it will consume more energy by heating water all the time.

Finally, a safety system is a big issue that should be considered. Thus, it must have an electrical fault protection system installed in the device (Electronic Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker or ELB and Electronic Leakage Safety Device or ESD). However, when you buy a water heater without safety cut out, you should buy a special type of breaker that can be activated if overload, leakage, or an electric shock occur. If the water heater does not have installed safety system, at least the water heater's back cover must be metal even though the front box is plastic. If there is leakage, the electricity will leak into the ground, passing through the metal cover to the screw that is attached to the wall and helps to reduce the risk of electricity leakage. The ground wire in the machine must not be smaller than 2.5 square millimeters and must have a temperature controlled switch. This switch is able to cut off the power when the water is heated. If there is no switch, do not buy it because if it is accidentally switched on, it may lead to a fire. You should also consider the water pressure control switch. If the water boils up and the leaking water drops on the switch, you should not buy it. The reason is it can cause an electrical fault. For the standard quality of the water heater, this switch must be designed to be positioned aside the hot water boiler, not directly underneath the boiler. If the boiler leaks, the hot water should not drop on the switch. The switch must be completely covered with waterproof material and not let it be uncovered, which can lead to a potential risk of short circuit.