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Wine Cellars - invented for keeping the quality of the wine

A wine cellar is intentionally invented for keeping the quality of the wine. Especially, there are some limits to take care of this beverage. It is designed to have more particular functions than general refrigerator to maintain the taste and quality of the wine. Thus, Power Buy has some suggestions on how to choose the wine cellar from website Medium.com. To keep the quality of your favorite wine and worth the money, there are four tips which are;

Production quality
For some people, the electrical appliance is like a decoration furniture. If it has a beautiful design that matches your room, anything there would be perfect. It also clearly reveals the style of the owner. Some design of wine cellar is made from metal for the reason of shining and durable. However, the wine cellar often exposes to moisture and steam, which lead the oxidation reaction to the metal and cause corrosion of rust. Besides the beautifulness, it also affects the durability and safety. For the plastic material, it easily to has some scratches and dirt left. Like the general fridge, it might require some decision making for people who think much about the design and matching. For those who prefer the metal material, it should be stainless steel because of the durability, difficulty to have corrosion, and fit to minimal luxury room style. On the other hand, the plastic material with the epoxy coating is also available, which as durable as the stainless steel.

Temperature control system  
Taste and flavor of the perfect wine depend on the storage temperature. There is the optimal temperature for a typical type of wine, let say red wine should be stored at 12 to 18 degree Celsius, while white wine is at 6 to 12 degree Celsius. Many studies showed that the red wine stored below the 12 degree Celsius cannot fully reveal flavor and taste, while showed sharp, astringent taste, and strong alcohol odor when stored above the 18 degree Celsius. Drinking the white wine stored at 6 degree Celsius or lower to be nearly frozen, you would not detect the taste because of the taste buds on your tongue would be senseless by the ice and cold. In spite of that, storage the white wine above 12 degree Celsius would also lose the freshness characteristic of the wine.

For the temperature control, the studies on storage condition are explained as what has been said above. Hence, the wine cellar is the right thing to think about for control and stabilize the appropriate temperature.

Odour management  
The odour of wine might the least effect of storage condition comparing to other storage factors, especially the unopened bottle. However, the stinky smell of the wine cellar in closed space can cause unpleasant and negative feeling to pick up the wine. As a result of that, the air cannot circulate easily and the stinky smell is accumulated from the air humidity. When you suddenly open the wine cellar, the stinky smell comes out. Sometime, it might result from some parts of the wine cellar such as wooden racks which have their unpleasant smell. Although it does not affect the unopened bottle, it does feel embarrassed when there are guests and they smell the stinky odour from the wine cellar.

UV Filter
The light is another factor to avoid for keeping the quality of your favorite wine. Typically, the sunlight comes with UV ray as well as the light bulb from a fluorescent lamp in general fridge. That is the reason why the wine cellar in the winery or restaurant has to be in a closed area without any light. The UV ray and heat affect the quality of wine because the wine contains ester and the phenolic compound. When the light penetrates the bottle and exposes to the wine, the sulfur compound is produced, which affects the properties of color, flavor, and taste. The red wine would have more tannin and alcohol while the white wine loses its freshness. Some brands of wine use a dark green bottle to prevent the light up to 30 to 50%. In comparison to yellow or brown bottle, they are more effective to prevent the light up to 90%. The green bottle we usually see might result from the beautiful and cost-effective of production. Even it might not be the best choice to prevent light and heat, it does reduce and avoid some effects.