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What should you choose between a single door or double door refrigerator? The answer is not that difficult. The point is where do you need to use the refrigerator; bedroom, kitchen, or living room. The place you want to place your refrigerator will help you decide which one is the right one for you. If you want use it in the bedroom for drink and snack, a small-sized single door or a small refrigerator would do well. However, a double door refrigerator would be a better choice for a kitchen because it is a source of supplies for the whole family. Your lifestyle and objective of use would determine which refrigerator is the answer.

Let's see the difference between a single door refrigerator and a double door refrigerator.
Size - A single door refrigerator is less in capacity than a double door refrigerator. The size of the refrigerator depends on factors such as the family size, the amount of food in the refrigerator, etc. If you need a large refrigerator to store food or if your family is large, a double door refrigerator is the right one.
Weight - A double door refrigerator comes with heavier weight because of its bigger size and additional systems inside, which is not suitable for relocation.
Cooling - A double door refrigerator has a better cooling system as it circulates the cold air uniformly throughout the refrigerator. Hence, the food in the refrigerator is not easily spoiled.
Freezer - When it comes to a freezer, a double door refrigerator is a winner for various reasons. As there is no ice covered, the process of defrosting is unnecessary. You do not have to waste your time to discard the water from the defrosting process regularly. The freezing time is also faster and items in the freezer like ice cream and ice cubes would not melt due to better cooling in a freezer.

A double door refrigerator has a cooling fan which provides a better uniform cooling distribution than a single door model. It is more durable than the average models because the compressor works less.  
Power Buy recommends these double door refrigerators for you. Make a selection based on your preference and whether they are worth the price.

Firstly, we recommend a 5.9 cubic feet refrigerator from Sharp model SJ-C19E-WMS. The new design is more elegant with better usability for your convenience at all time. Its design embraces every detail of usage. An air purifier helps removing bacteria and odors inside the refrigerator better than normal odor removal system. The efficiency of removing bacteria in the cabinet gives your food a longer shelf-life. It comes with NO-FROST cooling system, MULTI AIR FLOW cooling distribution and AG+ NANO DEODORIZER system.

Our second recommendation is the double door refrigerator from ELECTROLUX, an ETE5722GA NutriFresh Inverter. It keeps a stable temperature and provides up to 37% power savings. There is a seamless combination of shelves and internal storage that can be altered as you wish. This gives you the freedom to customize your own food storage. FreshShield Crisper maintains the freshness for vegetables and fruits, which can last up to 7 days. FreshTaste Deodorizer is a deodorizing system that helps reduce the bacteria up to 99.8%. 360° Air Cool Technology distributes cooling in an omnidirectional manner to keep your food fresh for a better taste. Strong safety glass shelves can hold heavyweight and touch panel which the temperature can be precisely controlled.

Last but not least, we recommend a product from a well-known brand TOSHIBA, a 14.6 cubic feet double door refrigerator, GR-AG46KDZ (XK). It comes with a unique design, which is luxurious and modern to fit the lifestyle of a new-gen. The machine is made of high-quality materials, making it be durable. Additionally, it comes with an AUTOMATIC defrost system. It can fit every corner in the kitchen, which is the center of happiness. It is designed for all families, giving longer freshness of food. Temperature is distributed by FAN COOL NO FROST and odor removal is handled with the LED HYBRID system. Nevertheless, there are also other products and quality refrigerators, which vary in sizes and styles for you to choose from. Please come and visit our Power Buy website to choose our products, which are well designed for standard quality, durability, and cost-effectivity.