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Side by side Refrigerator

One of the most popular refrigerators currently available is a side-by-side refrigerator, which is a refrigerator that has two doors opening on the left and the right. It reduces the space when opening the door. It is convenient to pick and find items and is flexible to organize door shelves. Moreover, some models have added extra facilities such as water dispenser. It is suitable for any family size. However, some notice you should consider is the storage space on each side, which is not wide enough and it might be difficult to keep large items on the shelves. Later on, there is a French Door refrigerator with wider door opening range with no center axis. You can freely arrange the storage space as you wish. Thus, it should be considered if the side-by-side refrigerator adequate your needs.

Electricity bill  
Due to its generous space than the other models, it does affect the more electric power needed, which directly increase the electricity bill per month. The suggestion is the electricity bill should be calculated and managed before you consider buying a side-by-side refrigerator.

Haste of storage
If you are a tidy person, you may arrange everything in your refrigerator. But if you often have a busy daily lifestyle, you would not have much time to arrange your things. You might just rush to chill your leftover immediately after you have finished eating. If this is the case, we could say that a side-by-side refrigerator is the most suitable for you.

Stock up with chilled and frozen storage
The side-by-side refrigerator is appropriate if you have to use the chilled and frozen storage to stock up meat or any other raw materials, especially because it comes with many special functions. Let say that you want to make lots of ice, chill many glasses of beer, and also soak some 5 to 10 kg of rice, or store lots of fruit, the side by side refrigerator could manage everything you need at the same time.

Preventing spoilage of leftover food
In case you have leftovers and do not want to spoil it in the cabinet, this refrigerator is your answer. Even a rice cooker pot with some rice can be placed inside and it is better than leaving it outside as a food source of cockroaches, ants, etc.

Therefore, we would like to recommend you some interesting side-by-side refrigerator models, which are;

LG Refrigerator SBS model GR-J297CSBL: Unique Innovative Design 
 The LG refrigerator is the modern design for any room style. It also has various interesting functions such as the large storage capacity up to 29.7 cubic feet, or more than 840 liters, which sufficient to store food and drinks for everyone. It comes with storage space that can be easily arranged. The Door-in-Door ™ design is luxurious and unique. It comes with a special technology and feature installed on the exterior door for you to quickly and conveniently place and pick your things on shelves without loss of the cooling air inside. There is the Moist Balance Crisper ™ technology that keeps the moisture of vegetables and fruits. With this technology, the moisture level could be maintained in the storage shelf, resulting in long-lasting freshness of your vegetables and fruits.

HITACHI Side-by-Side Refrigerator model R-M600AGP4THX: Fully Smart Functions.
The Hitachi refrigerator model R-M600AGP4THX, with a size of 21.1 cubic feet is beautifully designed. It comes with a complete functionalities with an attractive price. The functionalities provided are; the automatic doors, the vacuum-insulation-panels, and the automatic sensor for detecting energy saving. There is an ice and cold water dispenser which automatically fill up by itself. Moreover, there are also the separated vegetable storage, the touchscreen controlled panel, the luxury extra shelves for bottles of water and wine, the energy-saving LED lighting, and even some extra storage space for you.

BEKO side-by-side refrigerator model GN162330ZGB: the worthwhile capacity size 21.5 cubic feet.
The A++ energy efficiency within this model of BEKO reduces the energy consumption by up to 30% more than the other A energy efficiency models. The interior has the NeoFrost system, which is the best cooling system. Due to its design, there is a freely separated internal refrigeration system that keeps the moisture in the food up to 90%. There are the odor removal filters to filter the cool air that circulates inside the refrigerator. It can remove odors and eliminate bacteria, which helps keeping your food fresh from inside. There are the antioxidant and ionizing charge, which could inhibit the bacteria, viruses, and other particles that affects the freshness of food inside the refrigerator. Therefore, it provides an antimicrobial effect.