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How to consider and buy a refrigerator wisely to get the right size, price, style, and power savings? Is it possible to get the most out of its usage and say goodbye to unnecessary expenses? When thinking of buying home appliances, especially a refrigerator, there are several factors that we should take into consideration. There are many types and styles to choose from such as a single door and a double door refrigerator. It depends on the consumer needs and suitability. Power Buy would like to give you a guideline to find the best refrigerator that will fit your lifestyle.

Select a Single Door Refrigerator or Other Types of Refrigerator with an Energy Saving Label Number 5:
When choosing electrical appliances, the first thing you have to consider is energy saving. You should buy a refrigerator with energy label Number 5, because it will help save more power than the usual refrigerator. When the refrigerator label is lower than Number 5, it uses more power and has lower quality. For example, label Number 1 is the lowest level in energy saving, Number 2 is fair, Number 3 is moderate, Number 4 is good level, and Number 5 is very good. As a matter of fact, if we compare the number labels with the annual cost, we will see the difference clearly.

• Refrigerator with energy label No.3 : uses 332 kW/year. You have to pay around 840 Baht/year  
• Refrigerator with energy label No.4: uses 262 kW/year. You have to pay around 644 Baht/year  
• Refrigerator with energy label No.5: uses 220 kW/year. You have to pay around 220 Baht/year

Choose the Right Size for Your Usage
The capacity of the refrigerator is the main point to consider before buying. The size of the refrigerator is measured in "Cubic feet" or "Cue". Buying behavior is also the key, for example, a person who often purchases frozen food rather than fresh food should buy a refrigerator that comes with a wide freezer. You can also select a refrigerator size based on the average number of members in the house, as follows.

• Two members: a suitable refrigerator should be 2.5 cues or more.  
• Middle-size family with 3-4 members: a suitable refrigerator should be 12-18 cues.  
•Large family with 5 members or more: a suitable refrigerator should be15 cues or more.

No Matter How Many Doors, Consider These asic Features of a Refrigerator Before Purchasing.  
These basic features include all the internal design of the refrigerator that needs to be stylish and easily accessible. We should consider the following main components:

• Shelves: must be a pull-out shelf in order to adjust the refrigerator section and cleaneasily.  
• Refrigerator drawer: must have a separate section inside in order to adjust temperature that befits for the food.  
• Fruit and vegetable drawer: must be able to control the cooling and humidity system in order to keep the freshness in vegetable and fruit.  
• Side door shelves: must be wide enough to be able to refrigerate baby bottles and water bottles.

Additional Features  
Additional Features are extra features that differ in each refrigerator, depends on the needs of consumers.

• Dual-Cooling System: the freezer distributes cool air from the freezer to make freezing effective.  
• Air Filtration: it is a built-in carbon filter compartment. It helps to reduce odor in the refrigerator.  
• Programmable Control Pad: itis a temperature setting control for cooling lock, filter checking, and water level monitoring  
• Energy-Saving Models: an intelligent innovation that keeps the refrigerator working efficiently without wasting energy, decreasing unnecessary energy and monthly expense.

As shown above, these are the tips on how to choose a refrigerator that fits your lifestyle. A single door refrigerator may be the best choice for some household while two door refrigerator may be the right choice for many other household. We hope that this information is useful for those of you who are looking for the best refrigerator that suits your buying behavior. We suggest you usethis information as a guideline to get the right refrigerator that is worth your money.