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Multi-Door Refrigerator - extensive food storage space for all family

A refrigerator is an essential item every kitchen must have. It comes in many types to suit different needs. A multi-door refrigerator is suitable for a household that requires an extensive food storage space for all family members. With larger storage space, it is possible to store more food, ingredients, and leftovers for the whole family. Thus, it all depends on the lifestyle of each household.

1. Size and capacity  
The first thing to consider when you decide to buy a new multi-door refrigerator is the size. The most common selection method is to calculate the number of family members. A typical equation is to use 2.5 cubic feet for two people. After that, you can add another cubic foot per member. For example, if your family has 7 members, use the formula 2.5 + 5 = 7.5 cubic feet. This means that the most suitable refrigerator size for your family is 7.5 cubic feet.
2. Energy saving  
It is another essential factor to consider because multi-door refrigerators consume more energy than smaller models. Thus, it is helpful to select models with energy saving label no. 5 to ensure energy saving capability.
3. Internal compartments  
All of the parts should be in good condition, for example, you should be able to pull out and push in the shelves conveniently. The drawers in the freezer must have a separated part inside to adjust the suitable temperature. The drawers for fresh produce must have proper temperature control to extend its shelf-life. The material used for each compartment must be durable.
4. Other functionalities  
Other necessary functionalities include long preservation period of food, preservation of freshness, air filtration that reduces unwanted odors, and dual-cooling system that enhances the efficiency of the freezer and speeds up the cooling. You can consider if these features are necessary for you or not.
5. Price and value  
Price directly determines the worthiness of a product. A simple calculation for a model that is most worthy and fits your need the best is from the formula (price ÷ number of years in warranty period) + (electricity cost per year labeled in energy saving label no. 5 ÷ 365 days). From the calculation, you can compare among the result. The result with the least value is the most well worth model for your need. There are several models to choose as follows.

Electrolux EME3500MG Three-Door Refrigerator, beautiful design at a reasonable price
This 11.8 cubic feet three-door refrigerator comes with a NutriFresh™ Inverter that keeps the temperature consistent for freshness and up to 37% energy savings compared to previous models. Its 360 Aircool ensures food at all fridge levels stays fresh. A fresh taste deodorizer eliminates 99.8% of bacteria and removes unwanted odors.

Samsung RF56K9040SG Four-Door Refrigerator with Triple Cooling, fresh harmony with all kitchens
This beautifully designed 22.1 cubic meters multi-door refrigerator comes with useful functionalities. Fresh Harmony with all kitchens made possible as the height and depth of the counter combine in harmony with your kitchen. The Triple Cooling System and the flexible temperature technology help keep the food fresh and reduce odor. The technology also increases humidity while the Metal Cooling panel keeps the air cool for longer.

Hitachi R-WB650PB Four-Door Refrigerator, happiness that comes in a large size
This four-door refrigerator brings happiness to the kitchen with its enormous size as big as 23.1 cubic feet. Vacuum Insulation Panel keeps your fresh produce longer. Compact but high power inverter compressor capable of providing exceptionally powerful cooling by generating a large volume of chilled air, while adjusting cooling power. It comes with energy saving label no.5 and a Nano Titanium deodorizing system that does not only eliminate odors but also reduce bacteria.