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The freezer or cold room is somewhat important for family or some business. It maintains the food’s freshness for selling or cooking another day. Hence, we should know its variety type.

The cold storage can be called a freeze room. The cold room, chilling room or cold storage room is meaning the same thing. The ready-made sandwich insulation panel or cold room insulation consists of the insulation panel, which either made from PS, PU, PUR or PIR foam. Hence, the price is rather low. There is also the roof panel insulation with the foam that is made from Polystyrene and Polyurethane. There are several companies, which construct the cold storage such as the cold storage, the ready-made cold storage, the fire insulation cold room, chill room, and storage room.

The level of temperature to store and prolong the food shelf life with a freezer can be categorized in 2 levels, which are the refrigeration storage or using temperature above the freezing point, and the freezing storage or using the temperature below the freezing point.

1. Refrigeration Storage of meat at the temperature above the freezing point or in the fridge is called the refrigeration, which is about 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. The chilling storage is using the cold temperature to preserve the meat and inhibit the growth of the microorganisms within the food product. It does not destroy the microorganism, but the process does retard the metabolism. Especially when the temperature is nearly the freezing point, the metabolism of the microorganism is highly reduced as well as the enzyme activity. Thus, they grow slowly, and the food spoilage would be prolonged.

2. Freezing is the storage of food at a lower temperature than the freezing point or below 0 degrees Celsius. The freezing storage is a long-term of food preservation, which can effectively maintain the color, flavor, taste, and also nutritional benefits of food products. However, it moderately maintains the texture. In freezing procedure, the temperature in food is reduced. The heat is removed continuously to reduce the temperature of food until it reaches 0 degrees Celsius, while the water in food does not transform into ice. The condition that the temperature of food is lower than its freezing point is called supercooling and also known as undercooling.

In addition, there are others several factors that affect the shelf life of food in the freezer as follow.
1. The initial microorganism before the storage  
 If the initial microorganism load is high, it probably has a shorter shelf life. The microorganisms might contaminate from the process of slaughter, cutting, production, and packing.  
 2. The stable storage temperature  
 The stable storage temperature at 3 degrees Celsius or lower is necessary for the quality of meat and meat products. The higher temperature leads to the growth of dangerous pathogen, which leads to foodborne sickness.  
3. The moisture content  
  The freezer should maintain the range of relative humidity between 88 and 92%. The lower relative humidity would cause weight loss or drip loss and shrinkage of food. It leads to drier, dry out, and dark color of the outer surface, which is unpleasant to the consumers. On the other hand, the higher relative humidity easily causes spoilage of meat by the bacteria that produce the slime and optimal for the growth of mold.

Thus, Power Buy has the freezers and other variety refrigeration storages available for your style and usage. You can count on us that the products are intentionally selected by the interesting choice and worth money. Firstly, the SBC-P2DBA model from Panasonic, a 35.1 cubic feet comes with extremely coldness and full functions. It has a capacity of 992 liters and the temperature control panel. The inside material is made from HIPS plastic and molded by vacuums forming process, which is seamless and prevent leakage. Secondly, the smaller model is the SMR-PT250A with LED light. It is energy saving and comes with the handle, new design front panel, and DIY shelves. The temperature can be adjusted from 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. The No Frost cooling system prevents the ice covered and the fan can distribute the cooling throughout the storage. There is the drain tray for the water drop under the machine and the wheels for easy to relocate. The double-layered insulation glasses and the automatic door help prevent the outside heat to penetrate. Moreover, our website also has other freezers for you to choose as it responds directly to the point of your need.