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Nowadays, the basic human needs are food, clothes, and shelter.  The freezer is important for food because the process to deliver food from distributors to consumers might take an extended period. That process can decrease the freshness and taste and deteriorate the quality of food before selling. There are various types of a refrigerator as follows.

- One Door Refrigerator (Compact): Characterized by having judy a single door, this type of  refrigerator divides into a chiller and a freezer, where a freezer is at the upper part of the refrigerator. This type of refrigerator saves more power than the others. It comes in both large sizes and smaller sizes that are popularly used in the hotel.

- Two Doors Refrigerator: This type of refrigerator has two separate doors, one for the chiller and another for the freezer. Whether the freezer is on top or at the bottom, it all depends on your selection and ease of use.

- Side-By-Side Refrigerator: It is a large size refrigerator that has two doors, opening the left side and the right side of the refrigerator. It is very popular in Europe and America because of the buying behavior of the foreigners who prefer doing grocery just once- to thrice-monthly in a large portion. Therefore, they need a huge refrigerator that can store a lot of food with an efficient freezer to maintain the freshness.  

Size and Design. The size and design are the first things to consider for condominium residents. Due to limited space and the amount of the residents, a large size refrigerator is not suitable. Hence, two doors refrigerator around 7.1 - 14.9 cu.ft (cubic feet) with a capacity of 200 - 422 L is the best choice for 1-3 residents. For the detached-house or townhouse residents,  there is much more space and there are many residents. The 5-cu.ft two doors refrigerator or a Side-By-Side door refrigerator of 21.7 - 22.6 cu.ftwith a capacity of 616 - 640 L is the best choice for 4 - 6 residents.             

Technologyand Functionality. After choosing the suitable refrigerator size for the residence, let’s see which functionality gives you the most benefits. Today, the innovation of refrigerators evolves on the basis of helping consumers live better, be it nutrition or hygiene. Consequently, when considering the usage functionality, we should take into account the health benefits  we will receive as follows.

NeoFrost Intelligent Cooling Technology.  NeoFrost is different from conventional cooling systems. In general cooling systems, the cold air can flow through to each other, causing the smell of the chiller and the freezer to mix up. However, our intelligent cooling system (NeoFrost) is a system that allows the freezer and the chiller to function independently from each other, so the smell will not mix up. Moreover, it can maintain up to 90% of the food freshness, keeping the food fresh for longer. The fruit and vegetable storage boxes were also developed to control humidity and internal airflow, reduce spoilage, and extend the quality of vegetables and fruits up to three times longer.

Other Types of Food Preservation Technology. The Active Fresh Blue Light helps to extend the vegetable and fruit quality with the blue light, which acts as the sun allowing photosynthesis to take place inside the refrigerator. You can also preserve your food with an electric charge (IonGuard) that creates an electrical charge to trap bacteria, viruses, and small invisible particles inside the refrigerator that cause the unwanted odor. It will keep the air inside the refrigerator clean, so the freshness of the food is extended. 

Power Saving. Good refrigerators should have more power-saving innovations including silent operation from startup to daily use.

Durability. The durability of the refrigerators evolved tremendously. Motors and compressor are more durable and longer used. It is not a problem for consumers anymore. However, it is still important to consider the internal components. Internal materials such as shelves that are adaptable to your needs, side opening, or sliding vegetable shelves must be durable no matter how heavy and how much food you store. More importantly, it must be easy to use.

After-Sales Service and Warranty. It is important for consumers to consider after-sales service and warranty. A warranty of a refrigerator motor should be around 10-12 years. Customer service should be able to solve the problems quickly for consumers.