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Wall & Ceiling Fan - used in several household and can be a house decoration

With the rapid growth in technology trend, there are plentifully new electric appliances launched. However, the new electric appliances do not have any difference in terms of usages and functionalities. One of them is wall and ceiling fans that have been used in several households. Besides the usage, sometimes it can be a house decoration as well. Though, not all of the household will be suitable with this fan type. Before making a decision to buy this fan type, it is essential to study and understand it. The consideration should be based on this following factors.

The utility space for fan usage
Usually, a ceiling fan can be used for both indoor and outdoor. However, the important thing is the material of the blade such as wood, plywood, steel, acrylic, etc. For the outdoor usage, a user should select a fan with propellers made from acrylic or ABS since it can resist humidity. A wall fan is more suitable for indoor by placing it at a wall or pillar.

The size of a fan with proper usage
The difference in room’s size will determine the usage of wall and ceiling fan. Thus, there are various sizes of a fan for selection. The selection should be based on the wind circulation in the room. For a ceiling fan, the suitable fan size is 32-36 inches fan for a room with 100 sq.ft., 42-48 inches for a room with 225 sq.ft., 52-54 inches for a room with 400 sq.ft., etc. However, for a wall fan with 12-16 inches size is sufficient for all usages.

The height of the ceiling and wall for a proper installation
The height of the ceiling and wall is not an obstacle for installing a ceiling fan since we can estimate the proper length of a fan hose such as 2.5-inch fan hose for 3-meter height, 4-foot fan hose for 5-meter height, and 6-foot fan hose for 7-meter or higher height. As a wall fan, we should consider based on the width of a propeller. The more height of a wall means the more width of a propeller is required.

The advantage of installing a wall and ceiling fan
The additional advantage of installing a wall and ceiling fan is that a room will look wider. For example, in a limited space like a condominium, if you place a stand or table fan, it will make the room look smaller and disordered. Though, installing a wall or ceiling fan would lead to easy cleaning since there is no need to move a fan around. Moreover, it is safe for a household that has kids since they may put their fingers in a fan within their reach. This issue will not happen anymore with a wall and ceiling fan.

Feeling comfortable by the easy controller with the HF-W18R1 wall fan from Hatari
The HF-W18R1 is the wall fan from Hatari with remote controller, which is one of the best fan choices. It is designed to deliver a cool air for you with 18-inch propeller and 3-level adjustable wind speed. It can be controlled by remote control. Furthermore, it also has a timer feature.

The M1632 wall fan from Mira that can distribute wind circulation
Experiencing the relaxation of cool air with the 16-inch wall fan is from Mira. It is suitable for all room types and made from quality and high durability material. Besides, it can support various usages with 3-level adjustable wind speed and 90-degree orbiting. The switch is wiring system that has the automatic cut-off.

High safety in every usage with the HT-W16R6 wall fan from Hatari
This wall fan mode comes with the 16-inch propeller, 3-level adjustable wind speed, and comfortable with remote controller. Besides, it has the ThermoFuse system that will perform the cut-off when the temperature is higher than the limitation. This model also received the energy-saving label no. 5 and 1-year motor warranty to ensure every usage.

The mentioned models are just the samples out of several models that Power Buy is willing to present and lead you to an easy and comfortable daily life.