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A Table Fan - suitable for a small space usage or individual usage

What is the most desired and necessary thing in the hot summer that makes us feel tired and weak? The most desired thing is none but the appliance that can cool down the weather such as air conditioner. However, if you are not ready to install the air conditioner, a fan should be considered instead. One of the various fan types is a table fan, which is suitable for a small space usage or individual usage. A table fan is one of the electric appliances that has been used everywhere. There is a guideline for using a fan efficiently and maintaining it to extend its lifetime.

Turn off a fan after using
When you have finished using a fan or no one uses it, you should turn it off. In the case that a fan has a remote controller system, you should unplug after use.

Adjust a proper wind speed level
A user should adjust a proper wind speed level to suit with usage and number of people. Hence, adjusting unnecessary high wind speed level would consume more electric power than necessary. It is best to adjust only medium wind speed level or a proper level. If there is a lot of people, enable the swing feature to distribute wind circulation.

Standard requirement of security qualification
Buying a fan model that received standards of security qualification or Thai Industrial Standards (TIS) would increase a confidence and guarantee safety for a user. The usage of unqualified fan model would lead to easily broken fan with high electricity cost and uncertain or a dangerous risk while using.

Know how to use and maintain a fan
You should always keep propeller, wire guard, and motor cover clean. The more dust would lead the motor working harder and waste electric power. A fan should be placed in airy space to ventilate air flow. Therefore, the fan's motor will work effectively. The electricity cost will also be lower and the fan's lifetime is expanded. Though you may have your fan model preference, we would like to suggest the interesting models for consideration.

AM06 from Dyson, the bladeless fan with beyond the existing cooling technology and high safety
It is the new revolution of the fan industry. The model is 75 percent quieter during operation. With Dyson Cool™, the fan uses less energy but generate powerful airflow. It comes with the 12-inch design but uses only 60 Watt. The Air Multiplier™ technology is accelerated through an annular aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project smooth, powerful, high-velocity airflow.

Relax with a cool air with the D16-GW-CY-RD table fan model from Mitsubishi
Feeling like a vacation with D16-GW-CY-RD from Mitsubishi electric fan that has colorful model for selection. Its 16-inch large propellers can provide cool fresh air for you. Moreover, it provides the high security with current fuse system that can cut off from a short circuit and thermal fuse system, which automatically cuts off from abnormally high temperature. Hence, you can ensure the security in all usages.

Cuteness overload and portable fan with Penguin from Duracraft
The 8-inch table fan is portable, can be placed everywhere, and has orbiting up to 180 degrees. It provides a powerful wind speed that is suitable for individual or short distance usage. This model can be placed on the shelf or table. It has features to adjust the wind speed and angle. Hence, you can decide the air direction. It helps to ventilate the airflow and reduce humidity. This model has beautiful packaging that can be a present for the special occasion.

Besides the mentioned models, Power Buy has other table fan models that will support your esthetics and relaxation.