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Stand Fan - One of the most popular fan

One of the most popular types of a fan is a stand fan, which is movable and fits in wherever you place it. A stand fan has a bigger size than a table fan. Therefore, its body is larger. The stand is retractable in some models. The wind can be widely distributed by a stand fan. To select the right model for installation, if you know the right way to use and maintain the fan, it will extend the fan's lifetime. There are various things that need to considered as follows.

Considering based on needs and area of usage
If is not necessary to install a ceiling fan or a large fan, a stand fan should be installed instead. If the weather is not excessively hot, opening the windows to receive a natural fresh air is enough. A natural air from outside will cool and ventilate the air in the house without the need to adjust a high wind speed on your fan, which saves electricity cost.

Adjust a proper wind speed level
The adjusting wind speed level, whether it high or low, should be suitable with places and needs. If you adjust higher wind speed than necessary, you will use more electric power and pay more money for the cost. Suppose that the weather is not extremely hot, adjusting medium wind speed for cooling down is enough.

Unplug after use
Even though we turn off the switch after use, leaving the fan plugged in would consume the electric power. Therefore, you will have to pay for the extra electricity cost. There is the easy tip that people overlook, which is unplugging after use. Besides energy-saving, it also increases security and prevent a short circuit risk.

Place a fan in the airy space
Opening a window or placing a fan in airy space would ventilate air,let the air flow through the house, and deliver cool air. The will result in the fan's motor working effectively. The electricity cost will also be lower and the fan's lifetime is expanded.

Always keep a fan clean
Cleaning fan components such as wire guard, back cover, and an area near the motor would save the electricity cost. The more dust would lead the motor working harder and waste electric power. If you have a proper way to take care of a fan, its lifetime would be longer.

Feel cool air with Elica, the 16-inch slide fan from Duracraft
The 16-inch fan from Duracraft has a simple design for customers’ familiarity. With 3-level adjustable wind speed, it is able to adjust the height and distribute air in circulation. In the hot and stuffy weather or unventilated air flow, we proudly present the trendy and luxury fan from Duracraft with easy-to-use adjustable wind speed buttons. Hence, the model surely meets all of your needs.

Fulfill all of the basic requirements with PJ-SL163GA, the 16-inch stand fan from Sharp
The PJ-SL163GA slide fan model from Sharp has a slim and modern design with 16-inch propellers. The model is outstanding thanks to its unique features. It comes with high security and easy-to-use 3-level adjustable wind speed buttons. It is strong and durable. Moreover, it has the current fuse system for automatically cutting off the power.

AM07, the fashionable and ultra-modern bladeless fan from Dyson
The AM07 from Dyson generates an excellent airflow while operating more quietly up to 60 percents. The tower bladeless fan is designed for enhancing quietness during operation, energy-saving, and providing high-velocity airflow. It operates without blades, therefore it is harmless and easy for cleaning. In addition, it can be decorated in the room. It is one of the well-designed and ultra-modern fan model.

Power Buy also has other stand fan models from various brands that wait for you to choose.