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Built-in Dishwasher - better than hand-washing the dishes

From the Kitchen Form's article, which recommended that a dishwasher is better than hand-washing the dishes, we would like to assist all of you who are planning to purchase a dishwasher make a better decision. We would also like to provide the reasons you should use a dishwasher.

1. Less work, more convenience

Modern technology in dishwashers allows you to set dishwasher programs that can automatically operate. It gives you more time for other activities like sipping an afternoon tea or reading your favorite book after pressing a single start button.

2. Clean your dishware better

With the temperature of water used to cleanse the dishware as high as 60 degrees Celcius, you can be confident that your dishware is bacteria-free. It is also cleaner than hand-washing.

3. Save more water than manually washing the dishes

Many people believe that using a washing machine would waste a lot of water. However, using a dishwasher does allow you to control the water volume, making it more water-saving than hand-washing your dishes.

4. Feel more confident with international standard

All of the dishwashers received a certified standard from an internationally accepted certifying body, ensuring that the appliance is high in quality and is safe to use.

5. Protect your skin from chemicals

For ladies, directly exposing the delicate skin to chemicals in dishwashing liquid and heat from water can be unhealthy. Thus, a dishwasher can ease your skin problem as well.

Additionally, we would like to provide simple instructions for using a dishwasher. First, unscrew the cap of the salt reservoir lid, pour in salt followed by 0.5 liters of water. Use only dishwasher salt in your softener unit to soften the water (the amount of salt depends on water hardness in your area). Next, use the right amount of detergent made for dishwashers. Use one tablespoon for a regular programme (for a 3-in-1 programme, use a 3-in-1 detergent tablet). Add a rinse aid (for a 3-in-1 programme, use a 3-in-1 detergent tablet, which already contains a rinse aid) and load the dishes on the rack (according to a user's manual). Do not forget to set the salt level before starting. If you do not want to start washing right away, you can press the Delay button to set the timer. Press the Power button to turn on the machine and choose the programme. When it finishes, there will be a short sound notification with a light indicator. Press the Power button again to turn off the machine. You should wait around 2 - 3 minutes before unloading the dishes.

From the information above, you can see the numerous benefits of a dishwasher as well as an easy-to-use guideline. Power Buy website would like to present to you an innovative built-in dishwasher from Electrolux, ESF6010BW built-in dishwasher. Enjoy the latest dishwasher technology with this compact dishwasher that's perfect for smaller households and limited spaces, and give yourself peace of mind with its Child Lock protection that keeps your family safe. It comes in white with UV protection coating to prevent it from turning yellow. It comes with eight place settings for 96 pieces. Six programmes are available. It uses 13 liters of water for a single wash. The noise level is 60 dBa. List of programmes includes Intensive (highest temperature) at 70 Celcius, Normal at 60 Celcius,  Eco at 55 Celcius, 30 Minutes Quick, Glass Care at 40 Celcius, and Rinse. The salt reservoir is compact, suitable for a limited space.