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Build-in Kitchen Appliances - a clean and modern feel to the kitchen

Built-in kitchen appliances are seamlessly integrated into any kitchen design and provide a clean and modern feel to the kitchen. They are built into cabinet and countertops for a kitchen with limited space. Built-in appliances allow you to make the most efficient use of space in your kitchen. It is a good idea for smaller kitchens, slotting neatly in-between cabinets without dominating the room. Besides the efficient use of space, it creates a sleek, minimalist design. Before installing built-in kitchen appliances, there are some factors to consider as follows.

Installation area

The installation space is the first aspect to consider since it affects the overall area usage. After calculating the area, we can draft the kitchen layout along with the wiring and water systems. It's a good idea to choose your appliances during the design process since any change after the installation is expensive. If you calculate the usage area carefully, you will never have to worry about this problem.

Kitchen layout

The second factor to consider after calculating the usage area is the layout, which depends on actual usage and familiarity. For example, Thai people traditionally place kitchen appliances in a triangular design. The stove, sink, and fridge should be at the at each angle of a triangle. It is suitable for a traditional lifestyle where the kitchen and the dining room are separated, and where people go to the market every day to shop for the ingredients to cook. However, for a current lifestyle in which everybody is always in a rush, you should consider having a dining area within the kitchen. It is possible to arrange a U-shaped, I-shaped, or L-shaped kitchen, which will add more space to your kitchen. You should consider an area for drilling the wall as well.

Wiring, water system, and home appliance

It is better to plan wiring and water system before purchasing any built-in kitchen appliance. By having a complete layout of the electricity and water system, you can design the layout and arrangement better. Additionally, careful layout planning will be better for the long-run. From a range of built-in kitchen appliances, Power Buy hand-picked these well-worth models for you.

Cooking made easy with Siemens ER326BB70L ceramic gas stove (double-ring burners)

Siemens ER326BB70L ceramic gas stove comes with double-ring burners. Enjoy gas cooking thanks to the Domino gas hob with its elegantly lustrous, easy-to-clean glass ceramic surface. The dimension is 52.0 x 30.2 x 52.2 cm. It comes with cast-iron pan supports and rubber stand, perfect for cooking lovers.

Electrolux EHC30200X*CW stove that comes with full functionalities

Cooking is no longer a problem with Electrolux EHC30200X*CW stove. This 30-cm ceramic stove is durable and high in quality. It can reduce your cooking time with its two burners. No matter what you are cooking, savory or sweet, you can do them simultaneously. It comes with six adjustable heat levels with a light that shows stove status. Don't miss this compact-size high-quality built-in stove from Electrolux.

Cook better with Siemens HB311EO 60 cm electric built-in oven 

Siemens HB311EO 60 cm electric built-in oven comes with a capacity of 52 liters, distributed heat up function, hot air grilling, bottom heat, and light status that show the food. It comes with A-level electricity efficiency as well as a one-year warranty. We can assure you that you will want to stay in the kitchen all day with this appliance installed.