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We all know that an iPad, a tablet from Apple, is well-known and widely used. It has the most market share and many models to choose based on the needs and budget of each target group. For those who are still deciding which one to choose, Power Buy has the answer for you.

Today, the iPad modes include the following:
iPad Pro 12.9-inch
iPad Pro 9.7-inch
iPad Air 2
iPad 9.7-inch (2018)
iPad mini 4
iPad mini 2

iPads are available in two models, WiFi only and cellular. The difference between the two models is the performance and price. The cellular iPads are more expensive as they come with GPS and network receiver. However, the battery of the WiFi model will last longer than the cellular model. 

WiFi iPads are more suitable for people who do not require to stay online all the time as they may already have WiFi at home. However, if you need to travel frequently and require to access information on the internet all the time, cellular iPads are more suitable. You will also need to find an internet package to utilize the iPad efficiently.

iPads are available in various capacities ranging from 16, 32, to 64GB and more. You can choose based on your needs.
16GB is suitable for online browsing, website browsing, checking email, watching YouTube video, or scrolling through Facebook. It is suitable if you do not want to install many applications or games.
32GB is suitable for playing games and installing multiple large applications as well as listening to music.
64GB and more is suitable for high-quality music listening or playing high-definition movies as well as browsing and manipulating large data set such as medical data or engineering data.
With different price range, it is obvious that the more expensive models have better performance. However, it may not always be suitable for you. Thus, you should consider the model based on your usage.

iPad Mini 2
The price range is from 9,900 - 14,400THB. Only one capacity is available, which is 32GB. It is relatively old and is suitable for people with a limited budget. It is also suitable for users who use it specifically for basic tasks such as reading an e-book, giving a presentation, or watching a movie.

iPad Mini 4
The price range is from 14,400 - 22,900THB. The screen size of the iPad Mini 4 is 7.9 inches. The small screen size does not indicate less performance. Most specifications are copied from iPad Air 2, but you can carry it with a single hand as the weight is only 300g. The target group is obviously those who require portability.

iPad 9.7-inch (2018)
The price range is from 16,500 - 19,900THB. It is a new model with affordable price and high performance. It supports Apple Pencil like the iPad Pro. It is an upgraded version of the iPad (Gen 5) 9.7-inch 2017, which was a huge success. It uses the A10 Fusion chip and M10 graphics chip, which is the same as iPhone 7. Thus, loading information on the website and displaying video files is excellent.

iPad Air 2
The price range is from 14,400 - 22,900THB. It is a medium-size model that does not support Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard. However, it can connect to other wireless keyboards. The A8X processor is standardized. This model is affordable and is suitable for both education and entertainment. 

iPad Pro 9.7-inch
The price range is from 22,900 - 35,900THB. It is an alternative for those with more budget. It comes with high efficiency at an affordable price. The specification is almost the same as the iPad Pro 12.9-inch. It is compatible with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, which is suitable for artists who love drawing.

iPad Pro 12.9-inch
The price range is from 30,900 – 43,900THB. It is the most expensive model that is unique with its enormous 12.9-inch screen size. It is suitable for professional work as it supports Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. Artists and designers can use it to draw or make 2D or 3D designs professionally.

We hope that the information will be useful for anyone who is looking for a suitable iPad. Let's explore the world of knowledge and entertainment with iPads!