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Today, it is undeniable that the Android tablets have become one of the essential devices in our everyday lives, no less than smartphones or laptop computers. It is more comfortably portable than a laptop computer but allowing you to work on documents like a laptop computer. Meanwhile, in terms of entertainment, it has an advantage over smartphones thanks to its larger screen. There are not many differences between a mobile phone a tablet. The most obvious point is the screen size and quality. Mobile phones may be more effective than Android tablets while the tablets are easier to use and navigate. Thanks to the larger screen size, it is more convenient to watch movies or video clips than mobile phones.

Android mobile phones and tablets are not much different because both of them use the same operating system, which is Android. With the exact version of the upgrade, the only differences are the screen size and usage. You can use some Android tablets as a mobile phone. Some Android tablets allow you to put a SIM card like mobile phones. It entirely depends on your preference and whether you are more comfortable with tablets or mobile phones. To optimize the Android tablet usage, Power Buy Online consolidates these recommendations that will help your tablets run smoothly.

First of all, you should keep your system updated. Regardless of whether it is an application or a firmware, you should update it every time the update is available. Every update will include bug fix from the last version, allowing the machine to process better. Next, you should close unused applications. It does not mean pressing the home button. It means to stop unused applications by killing the task to free RAM space. You should also uninstall applications that you rarely use to free RAM space and the device memory. Avoid using an animated widget or wallpaper to make your device run faster. Sometimes, the widget is a primary cause of lagging device as it needs to be updated all the time. Use only necessary widgets and still wallpapers instead of an animated one. Besides making your device run faster, these two methods also save more battery. Another technique is to remove the device cache. A cache is a form of memory, which retains information that is frequently used to allow faster search and reduce the amount of download. It is useful, but when there are too many caches, it uses up the memory and slows down the processing. Removing the cache is another technique to speed up your device.

Moreover, you should disable some features of your mobile device such as wireless network, location tracking, and My Location. Even if it uses less battery than GPS, but it still needs a lot of battery. Reducing the screen brightness will also help save your battery. Even if the bright screen is more pleasing, it uses up a lot of battery. Try adjusting the screen brightness to around 30% then reduce more until you find it hard to see what's on the screen. This method will save a lot of battery. You should avoid placing your device in a high-temperature setting. Placing it in a hot room or under the sun causes a lot of energy waste. Therefore, you should keep your phone at a room temperature.