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One of the most necessary items for a printer is a printer cartridge & toner. Inkjet printers and LaserJet printers use different kinds of toner.

Even though printers are much less expensive nowadays, printer cartridges & toner price remain constant. Although there are new technologies in the printing industry, most of them try to improve the printing quality and reduce the printing sound. There are not many technologies developed to reduce toner usage, especially for inkjet printers. If you would like to see high printing quality, you have to trade it off with a high volume of toner used.

Nowadays, the price of the toner in the market is around 350 Thai Baht. You can choose an economical option or a full option, which will also vary in terms of price. Hence, saving the toner is the only option to use the printer cartridge for a longer duration. However, there are many ways to save toner. You can combine different methods together, depending on the situation. Although it may seem a little tedious, you will get used to it if you do it frequently. It will also help reduce toner usage. Let's take a look at all of the methods to reduce toner usage as follows.

1. Check the document before you print
This may seem like a trivial tip, but most people often overlook this point. Printing only what you need is the best way to save toner and paper. Accordingly, carefully review and check the document before you print to avoid any mistakes. If you are printing the document from web pages, it may not look like what is shown there. Think carefully if you really need to print in a color mode. Otherwise, print in black and white mode especially for document that contains a lot of text. You can choose the lowest printing quality for the job that does not require high-quality print.

2. Keep cartridges & toner well
For toner, you should keep it in a package like how you purchased it. Only remove the package when you are going to use it. Do not purchase too many printer cartridges as it will dry out before you can use. If you use an expired toner, the printer head may be clogged. To reduce such a problem, clean the printhead regularly. Most inkjet printers come with functionality to automatically clean the print-head. Don't forget to use the genuine cartridges to get the best printing quality as well as to prevent your printer from any damages.
3. Choose High-Yield cartridges
If you use the printer regularly, there is a high-yield cartridge available today to allow a more cost-effective color printing per page. This type of cartridge works best if you use it within six months. In terms of cost-effectiveness, this high-yield cartridge can be used longer than standard-yield as well.

4. Use the printer regularly
Even if you do not use the printer regularly, you can extend the printer cartridge and toner life by using it once in a while. Printing a page or two per week using both color and black toner will prevent the toner from drying out.

These are all the tips on how to save printer cartridges & toner that we would like to share with you. We hope you adopt these tips for better toner saving.