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An inkjet printer comes from the word ink-jet printer, which refers to a printer that is capable of printing letters with different patterns and sizes. The printer can also produce high-resolution graphics. The printing process starts when the printer sprays small droplets of ink onto the paper. Each small droplet will be in the position that when assembled, will form a letter or an image as needed. The inkjet printer speed is measured in PPM (Page Per Minute).

However, if you are trying to print graphics or text with the same format, the inkjet printer speed will decrease. The average printing speed is 0.5 to 12 PPM. The resolution of the inkjet printer is 180 - 1440 dpi (dot per inch). The paper used is A4 paper with 8.5 x 11 inches. You can print in both landscape and portrait orientation. The paper is stacked in the tray and fed into the printer one by one like a copier. The print head, which is the printer's ink cartridge, has a small hole for spraying the ink on the paper. The head will spray the ink at the desired position with electrostatic control from the computer. Thus, there is a minimum sound when it prints. Printing in color mode is possible. The cartridge can be replaced with a new cartridge. Today, there are four types of inkjet printer as follows.

1. INKJET INDOOR PRINTING is suitable for indoor advertisement. The printed work should not be exposed to the sun or the wind. The viewing distance is from 1 - 5 meters. The printed work has a high resolution, high sharpness, and high contrast. The printing medium should be coated in the front to allow the ink to adhere well. For example, you can use PP Paper, Sticker Paper, Opaque PVC and Sticker (PVC Sticker). After printing, you will need to coat it with a protective film to prevent scratches and add more durability to the printed work. The protective coating film is available in both glossy and matte.a

2. INKJET OUTDOOR PRINTING is suitable for outdoor advertisement. It is for large-scale advertisement with lower resolution than the INKJET INDOOR PRINTING. However, it is more durable, which is more suitable for an outdoor environment like sunlight, wind, and rain. The printed work can last around 1 - 2 years, depending on the printing material as well as the toner quality. Today, some INKJET OUTDOOR PRINTERS have a print head that can produce high-resolution text and images at a similar quality as INKJET INDOOR PRINTERS. Thus, you can now use it for both indoor and outdoor printing.

3. INKJET UV PRINTING is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. The printed work is as durable as those printed by outdoor inkjet printers. However, the lifespan of the printed work is shorter at around 6 - 18 months, depending on the location, the printing material quality, and the ink quality. UV printing can be done on sheets or rolls, depending on whether the printer supports them. However, if you print it on glossy sheets, the color may wash off easily. The examples of glossy sheets are PP board and foil paper sticker. Today, some UV printer models can produce high-resolution text and images at a similar quality as INKJET INDOOR PRINTERS. Thus, you can now use it for both indoor and outdoor printing.

4. INKJET DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINTING is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment. It is also suitable for decorative works. It has a lower resolution than indoor inkjet printers. The durability depends on the type of fabric that you print on. Nowadays, it is becoming popular in foreign markets. There are various types of material. However, it must be fabric specifically made for inkjet printing as the fabric must be coated to allow the color to adhere to it better as well as to make it heat resistant.