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The working principle of other accessories that should be provided in the house or the office
To run a shop or office, you would need modern tools and other accessories such as computers, monitors, etc. But there are also many times that we overlook the importance of things like a coin counter, a document shredder, or a banknote detector. In fact, these machines are quite useful. Plus, at present, their prices are now much cheaper than before. Therefore, let's look at the importance or working principles of these accessories so that we will know what are the benefits and how do they work.

Counterfeit banknote detector, since the outbreak of counterfeit banknotes, checking counterfeit banknotes has become very essential for everyone who makes a living in good faith. Receiving a few fake bills certainly means the loss of your income. That is why many people will find their way to verify these counterfeit banknotes such as looking under the direct sunlight, checking with blacklights, or using counterfeit banknote detector. Let's take a closer look on how this counterfeit banknote detector work. It uses the blacklight to illuminate the notes that you want to check. If there is a metallic stripe or some glowing fabrics, that means it is a real banknote. But if there is no pattern, it is a counterfeit banknote. The machine is programmed to check the banknote based on this principle and will make an alert when a counterfeit banknote has been detected. These days, printers can print out a high detailed job including the banknote screen and colors. However, it will not be able to print those metallic stripes and fabrics. That is why counterfeit banknote detector has used this principle to catch them.

Next of other accessories we would like to talk about is the Document Shredder. Nowadays, office equipments play a vital and indispensable part of every organization, whether it is a small office, large office, SME business, or even at home. Because there are many important documents in the office that have not been used but cannot be simply thrown away or recycled such as invoices, tax invoices, copies of various cards, company’s information documents, or confidential information documents. These documents must be destroyed by the document shredder which seems to be the best way for every office without a doubt. In general, this document shredder has an automatic paper feeding system makes it more convenient to use. It can be considered as one important function that a document shredder must have because it prevents the users from wasting their time on feeding the documents to the machine. They can instead leave the documents they want to destroy at the machine and go doing some other things.

The last interesting equipment that we would like to discuss is the coin counter machine. Counting and separating coins could be tricky for large organizations, such as department stores, or banks, since they might receive a large amount of coins daily. If they process these coins by counting manually, there might be high chances of error including counting wrong number of coins and separating wrong type of coins which may cause damage to the accounting system. So using a helping tool like coin counter machine will help prevent this problem. In addition, the accuracy of using the machine is quite high. In the present, coin counter machine became more popular because it saves time in sorting and counting coins. Employees do not need to do it manually, they just need to put the coins into the machine and it will just do the entire job immediately. The result will be displayed on the monitor screen separated by the value of each coin type. It is a convenient and time-saving operation.