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    Nowadays, technology becomes a part of our way of life. Hence, in response to the need to cover all these technology needs, Windows laptops industry has now gone much further than before. A variety of Windows laptops has been introduced to respond to different applications. So choosing a suitable laptop model might not only fulfill your needs, but also help controlling your expense to meet your budget. Therefore, Power Buy Online has gathered important information about Windows laptops that should be considered before buying one.
   Processor: The popular processor for laptops now is Core i series from Intel, which consists of Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. Intel develops this processor series and commercializes it yearly. And in 2017, the Core i processor was developed through Generation 7 (Kaby Lake), which made it work faster, reduce heat, and save more energy. So if you want to buy a new laptop now, you should focus on a model that uses the Core i Gen 7th by looking at the specifications such as Intel Core i7-7500. The latter figure is to identify the generation of the processor, which should be number 7. But for some brands such as Apple or Microsoft Surface, no product has been released in the Core i Gen 7th category yet.

   Graphics Cards (GPU): GPU or video card is another important part that should be considered. There are two types which are models with an integrated chipset and separated chipsets from each other. Most of the high-performance laptops will use separated chipsets rather than the single integrated one. The main manufacturers of graphics cards are AMD and NVIDIA, which the abilities will depend on the prices. 

   NVIDIA GeForce: For Nvidia graphics cards, There will be a code indicating the performance level of the video card. Starting from GS, which is a beginner level that might support some low-spec games. Then GT which can handle mid-level games. And GTX which can render the highest level game at full resolution. There is also a number to represents how powerful the card is such as the Gen 10 starting from 1030 which is the initial version, and then going up to 1080 which is the most powerful one, etc. 
   AMD Radeon: For AMD graphics cards, the model naming is quite similar to NVIDIA, which the first set indicates the series and the latter set indicates the strength level  such as R7 m445 is stronger than R7 m420, etc. 

   RAM: RAM is temporary memory for helping with the computational calculation. The more capacity, the smoother Windows laptop could process. The speed of RAM is measured by Bus such as Bus 667, 800, 1066, 1333 MHz. The higher the number, the more it will make the device work faster and more consistent with the CPU. The minimum standard of current laptops is DDR4 RAM, which will have a bus at 2133 MHz. This has become a standard since 2017 that a laptop should now has a DDR4 at bus level 2133 MHz or more with RAM at least 8 GB. With this specification, it should cover all the work at the standard level such as watching movies, listening to music, and working on documents. 

   Hard Disk - SSD (Solid State Drive): is the primary memory that contains various softwares. If the Hard Disk has a large capacity, it could store a lot of movies, music, games, or presentation documents. Currently, the standard selling models are usually 1 TB. Generally, the Hard Disk that comes with standard laptop will have the speed of rotating disk at 5400 RPM. But it is better to have it at 7200 RPM, which can perform much faster. There is also another type of hard drives becoming more popular called Solid-State Drive (SSD). It is a hard drive that uses Flash Memory to record data instead of rotating disk in general Hard Disk. It is also faster and more durable than ordinary hard drives but comes with a higher price based on its performance.

   To be noted, this is just a rough information. There are also screen size, weight, and many other factors that should be considered in order to buy a new laptop. In the end, it will come down to the lifestyle and the actual needs to get the most suitable thing for ourselves.