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MacBook is a term used to refer to a laptop from Apple. 

There are various brands of laptop available in the market such as Dell, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, and HP. On the other hand, MacBook is a term used to refer to a laptop from Apple. 

If you compare MacBook materials and components to other laptops, you will find that most laptops use plastic as a material for the machine body. However, all MacBook computers use Aluminum as a material for the body. If you compare the exterior of the MacBook to other laptops, you must admit that MacBook looks much more beautiful than the rest. Not only is it beautiful, but the new 'Unibody' technology is highly durable. It is designed to be convenient and easy to use. You may not understand why it is easy to fold the MacBook screen down. The reason behind this is because there is a magnetic mechanism to help to fold the screen easier than ever. One essential factor to purchase a laptop is battery life. For normal laptops, it can only last about 3-4 hours. However, it also depends on application usage and power saving mode configuration. For MacBook, the average battery life is around 6.6 hours, which is much longer. OS X manages battery better than Windows when comparing the same amount of battery cells. As for the display, MacBook comes with Back-Lit technology to allow the user to use MacBook immediately after folding up the screen (you can observe this when you fold the screen down and fold up again, you can see the screen immediately). For other laptops, they need to take some time to warm up the screen (the time is not much different). Additionally, the new MacBook Pro also supports Retina Display, which gives more impressive screen display than ever.

However, another essential factor to consider is the OS (Operating System). For laptops, they normally come with Ubuntu or licensed Windows from Microsoft for higher-priced models. The Ultrabook touchscreen is also coming to the market. For MacBook, it always comes with Mac OS X, which is developed from Unix by adding a user interface to make it easier to use. The usage of both systems is completely different. For Mac OS X is similar to Ubuntu, which is quite confusing at first because you need to use command line. However, for later models, GUI is more widely available, but the command line is still necessary. For software and pre-installed programs, laptop computers with Windows will only have a few software such as Windows Photo Viewer, Paint, and Notepad, which are all very basic. If you need other advanced software, you will need to download them yourselves. Consequently, when you first use it, it may not be as ready as expected. Another essential consideration is the driver. If your laptop does not have a true Windows license, you will need to download and install the right driver for your machine. For MacBook, it already comes with Mac OS X, drivers, and other useful applications such as iPhoto, iMovie (movie editing software), and many more. Yet, Windows laptops are still dominant in the market share as it is more widely used. In other words, Windows computers are still more popular due to the price and ease of use.