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Nowadays, there are various types of a laptop for different purposes of usage. Therefore, the user should select suitable laptop types that meet the user's need. It will help the user work more efficiently. Currently, laptops are categorized according to usage for convenience of the buyer as follows.

The laptop for daily usage or an office notebook: This type of laptop is suitable for document work or general internet usage that does not require a very high processing mechanism. It usually has the shape of a standard laptop. The average weight is 3-5 kg so, it is suitable for those who do not want to carry the device around. The specs of this type of laptop are usually in the middle level, which does not stand out in any particular area.

An ultrabook: It is an outstanding laptop with its portable feature. It is suitable for document work and general internet usage, but it is not for high-performance usages such as graphic work and gaming. The highlight is the ultra-thin and lightweight design. This type of laptop has a specially designed processor to save energy. As the size of a notebook is small, there is less space to store battery than a normal notebook. This type of laptop removes some features that most people do not use, so the device has the lightweight, such as a drive for CD reader. Therefore, you should consider this point as it may has an effect if you have to use the features in the future. However, if you want a lightweight and portable laptop without high processing and full functionalities, an ultrabook is the right answer.

A hybrid notebook: This laptop is suitable for people who want to perform several tasks within a single device. It has an ability to modify a device to respond to different purposes, for instances, a laptop mode for document work, an entertainment mode, and a tablet mode. The design can be divided into two types, which are a 360-degree hinge and detachable keyboard from a notebook. 

The last one is a gaming laptop:  a gaming laptop is suitable for a person who loves to play a game with ultimate gaming performance. The strength of a gaming laptop is a powerful specification and a better processor than a regular laptop as it has to support various types of games and 3D graphics. A key feature of a gaming laptop is the graphics card (GPU) at the ultimate level. It can effectively render 3D images and display better frame rate than other laptops. However, it comes with a huge size and weight. The average weight starts at 2.5 kg. Therefore, this type of laptop is considered as the most difficult to carry around as it is not easily  portable. If you want to buy a gaming laptop, you should consider your needs for graphic and gaming before buying. However, if you are looking for a laptop with excellent graphics and gaming performance, a powerful gaming laptop is the best answer for you. Though, with the top performance, the price is definitely in the higher range as well.