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Office supplies are considered important for offices and organizations to help employees in their operations to be convenient, efficient, and labor saving. In these days, office supplies have become cheaper allowing small offices to buy and use. Currently, office supplies have integrated with new technology to make it easier and more convenient for employees to use them. Having office supplies not only makes employees’ lives better, but also helps reduce working cost since the works will be performed faster, more efficient, more accurate, and less problematic. The problems could be controlled and quickly fixed. There are many tools being used now in the offices, but the ones that are always necessary and indispensable are home phones and fax machines. Many people might think that these are outdated devices but, in fact, there are many offices that still need them since home phones and fax machines can provide communication with evidence as a reference document. Especially for fax machines, it might be less popular today but many offices still use it because it is convenient, fast, and accurate. It can receive the color copy as same as the original one. It can also be used as a copy machine or as a printer when connected to computers which help reduce error and make the communication more convenient and quicker.

Fax machine, derived from the English word Facsimile or popularly called Fax,  is the machine that can copy documents, photos, and graphic materials with high frequency air waves via the phone system allowing the sender and the recipient to be far apart. The sending machine converts light signals to voices and then electricity. Then the receiving machine converts them back to light signals again. Sending documents via fax machine, you must have phone numbers of receivers and original documents to be sent. There are 3 types of fax machines in general: 1. Paper roll fax machine 2. Plain paper laser fax machine 3. Plain paper film roll fax machine.

Therefore, Power Buy Online would like to introduce a fax machine from a famous brand, Panasonic with KX-FT983CX-W model. This fax model will help send the information that you want to send in a precise and accurate way. It comes with the modem speed of 9.6 KBPS, transmission speed 15 sheets, memory in case of paper runs out at 28 sheets, automatic document cutting system, automatic document feeder system, automatic document distribution system, fax/phone signal isolation system, enlarge/reduce document system, and delivery time scheduling.

In addition to fax machine, home phones are another thing that every office should have to communicate with people inside or outside the office. Power Buy Online also offers many home phone models such as Panasonic cordless phone KX-TG3600BXB model. It can communicate quickly, easily access to every call, continuously talk without connection problems. With a cordless phone from Panasonic, the sound quality is sharp and clear in every use. It comes with 2.4 GHz phone frequency, 50 numbers phonebook memory, can talk 5 hours continuously, standby for 11 days, 7 ringtones, digital phone speaker, use 2 AAA 2 batteries, and a 1 year warranty. Another model from the same brand is KX-TG3611BXS with 2.4 GHz digital system. It provides clear voices even in a long range use. The model has an LCD screen to communicate more quickly, access to all calls, and talk continuously without connection problems. With a cordless phone from Panasonic, the sound quality is sharp and clear in every use. The LCD screen with backlight on the phone is bright, easy to read, and clear even in the dark. It displays the incoming phone number and name (Caller ID) to inform who is the one you are talking to.The phone speaker allows you to have a conversation without picking up the phone while doing other activities. There is a signal light showing when there is an incoming call with a glowing light system. It can store names and numbers up to 50 contacts. Increasing the convenience of calling with 7 ringtones to choose from. The navigation button help increase the ease of use. There is a button for searching the mobile phone on the base machine. You can set to receive calls by pressing any button on the mobile phone or set as an alarm clock to remind you to do something.