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USB Flash Drive

   At this time, when talking about Flash Drive, it could be said that everyone must have known and had their hands on this small device for sure. Flash Drive is a convenient tool for saving and transferring data between computers replacing an old technology such as a floppy disk. Today, Power Buy Online would like to tell you more about the benefits of Flash Drive.
   Even Flash Drive is just a small piece of equipment, it offers many benefits to the users. Basically, a Flash Drive has flash memory working on an electronic operation system. This makes it more durable, can write or overwrite new data over the original one, or delete saved data at any time. The memory capacity is available in many choices depends on the needs of each user. The important part of a Flash Drive is the flash memory, which is a computer data storage device that can be deleted and rewritten electronically. It is different from the Hard Disk that operates by physically rotating magnetic disk at all times. Moreover, the Flash Drive is small, lightweight, and suitable for carrying to various places. And the important reason that is already mentioned is that this device allows users to write, delete, and rewrite data with durability. It also comes with a variety of capacities as needed. Unlike in the past, only the disc can be used for storing data and carried out to other places. However, the disc has its limitations which are less capacity and less durability.

   Major advantages of Flash Drive are described below.
   For information tracking or entertainment purpose
     • Keep contact information such as phone numbers or address book to be accessed anywhere
     • Store downloaded data, files, or text notes when you are outside at the Internet Cafe
     • Conveniently transfer data or files between 2 computers or between a computer and a notebook
     • Store images from a digital camera to be shared with friends
     • Listen to MP3 music anytime and anywhere (Only the models with MP3 Player)
     • Used as a personal all-in-one hard drive for portable usage in various places
     • Store important information with password protection and data encryption
     • Used as a backup storage
     • Used to store important messages, e-mails, or files
     • Used to store temporary files for editing anywhere (at home, work, Internet Cafe)
     • Apply add-on software such as e-mail program, partitioning program, digital lock on Flash Drive to increase its ability

   Benefits of Flash Drive for businesses and organizations

   All in all, using Flash Drive or Handy Drive can add more values and benefits to businesses and organizations in many different ways. The companies can use Flash Drive for these activities and cause an immediate effect in the businesses.
     • Used it as a corporate gift, souvenir, premium reward
     • Used it as a promotional marketing tool to attract more customers
     • Increase working productivity
     • Used it as an innovative presentation tool to the customers
     • Used it as an innovative tool for sales and branding which could be outstanding and different

   In summary, it could be said that Flash Drive is useful for storing data and transferring it to other places. With its compact and lightweight properties, carrying it with you cause almost no burden at all. No matter it is off-site work, presentation, meeting or out-of-office printing, all could be done with a single small Flash Drive. You can see that the Flash Drive is a device that is very useful to users. Therefore, please do not forget to come take a look and buy this device at Power Buy website.