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External Harddisk or Portable Harddisk is an excellent device that can manage your data by transferring them from your computer into the external drive (in case the computer encounters some problem). It can be placed on your desk, and if it is small enough, it will be easily portable anywhere you want.  You can have all of your data ready for use, not only for work but also for entertainment purposes. Moreover, the technology development of this device provides you more capacity in Gigabyte (GB) to keep your bundles of files. In recent years, the 500 GB is a starter unit for a general user. You can move on to “Terabyte” (TB) for more capacity, which is equal to 1,000 GB. It is affordable when compared to the past, which had been so expensive for the normal user to buy.

The advantages of External Harddisk/Portable Harddisk.
    Firstly, the data storage function allows you to keep your computer program or important data of your work, and take them anywhere to work on any computer. Previously, the storage on a flash drive is insufficient to keep all the data and you have to take the laptop with you. Now, you can just plug in the USB of the external harddisk to work and access all of your data. Some of you may find it inconvenient to set up the laptop for offsite work with several accessories, especially for those who are not good at technology. The key point is the portable harddisk can be run and work the same as the harddisk installed inside the computer. Thus, you just have to plug it in and start your work.

    Nowadays, the data transfer rate is rather important for business and other purposes. The technology is rapidly developed and mainly focus on the user interface for precision and high-speed transfer of data. The recently developed interfaces are USB 3.0, SATA III, and others. Thus, the advantage of external harddisk is portability and no limitation of working places. The laptop is not necessary anymore because the size of external harddisk can now be smaller than some mobile phone models. You can connect to various devices such as a DVD Player, Smart TV, car stereo, and any USB supported devices. Application on HDD player and PlayStation 3 are also available.

    Recently, there are many portable harddisks in the market. Power Buy Online would like to recommend some of the notable and affordable models. The WESTERN DIGITAL external harddisk My Passport WD WDBYFT 0040 BBL-WESN BL is another brand that continuously launches new products. The high storage capacity and portability with well-designed and high-quality material allow you to use it as long as it lasts. Another interesting model is SEAGATE external harddisk Backup Plus Slim STDR 5000302 with 5 TB storage capacity. It is minimally designed to store files as easy as possible. You can store your files in this harddisk that is compact and beautifully designed.. The storage is compatible with any media type such as social media photographs, videos, documents, music, and other files.