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A mouse is considered as a device for controlling a computer. It is designed to have different shapes and curves to concave parts to the user's hand. It has a mechanism to detect the movement of a cursor and send a signal to display on a computer's screen. A mouse can be divided into 3 major categories as follows. A mechanical mouse uses a rubber ball on its underside. When the ball is rolled, the mouse will convert the mechanism inside to electricity. An optical mouse conveys the light to the surface and then uses reflection to receive the movement. A wireless mouse has the same functionality as the normal model, but there is no cord. There are a receiver and a transmitter. The receiver is commonly a USB connector that currently uses the Nano Receiver technology and radio frequencies at 2.4 GHz.

The device that all gamers should not miss out is a gaming mouse as it is a basic accessory for playing a game. A high DPI value means that a mouse will have more accuracy and faster response. Therefore, Power Buy would like to suggest two models of a gaming mouse. The first one is a mouse gaming lightspeed wireless gaming G703 from Logitech. It is a gaming mouse that is specially designed for speed, accuracy, and durability for gaming with a 1 ms report rate. With this reporting rate, it is 8 times faster than a standard mouse, which means when moving or clicking a mouse, you will notice the response almost immediately. Hence, you can adjust a DPI value to five-speed levels while using from 200 DPI for melee attacks to 1200 DPI for the speed movement in 180 degrees. Moreover, you can pre-programme or pre-configure the command set regarding your needs with 6 buttons on a mouse. It will increase your convenience and reduce the complexity of your gaming.

The next model is a gaming mouse from SteelSeries, Rival 310. It is developed according to the physiology for comfort and effectiveness. In addition, this model is designed for right-hand only. The material is from rubber and there are side grips, which are the same material with a car tire. The cable length is 2 meters.
There are supportive technologies whether it be Sensor TrueMove3, True 1:1 Tracking eSports sensor, and CPI configuration up to 12,000 for the highest accuracy. There are six buttons to support the Macro setting. In addition, there is the SteelSeries Engine 3 software to change RGB up to 16.8 million colors on logo and scroll wheel.

No matter if it's a mouse gaming Logitec lightspeed wireless gaming G703 or a mouse gaming SteelSeries Rival 310, it can respond to gamers' needs. You can visit and shop related gaming gear products on Power Buy website. Moreover, you will get a chance to win a great promotion and a special price. We can guarantee that you will get high standard products at a reasonable price.