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Gaming Laptop: A gaming laptop is suitable for a person who loves to play a game with ultimate gaming performance. The strength of a gaming laptop is a powerful specification and a better processor than a regular laptop as it has to support various types of games and 3D graphics. A key feature of a gaming laptop is the graphics card (GPU) at the ultimate level. It can effectively render 3D images and display better frame rate than other laptops. However, it comes with a huge size and weight. The average weight starts at 2.5 kg. Therefore, this type of laptop is considered as the most difficult to carry around as it is not easily portable. Power Buy Online would like to introduce you to various models of a gaming laptop in order to make it easier for buyers to make a decision.

The gaming laptop from Lenovo, LEGION Y520-15 model owns a classy and modern design. This laptop is for daily usage or continuous entertainment such as listening to music or watching a movie thanks to the excellent specs and technology. In terms of specs, there are Processor: INTEL CORE I7-7700HQ, ProcessorSpeed(GHz): 2.8, RAM(MB): 8192, HardDiskSize(GB) : 1000, and Graphics : NVIDIA GTX 1050 4GB with 2 years warranty.

The gaming laptop from Acer, Nitro 5 has a strong and fierce design in red and black color with 15.6-inch high-resolutions screen. It has a powerful processing power from its top CPU specs. Moreover, it can connect to the internet smoothly and fast. Therefore, you will enjoy every single moment while playing games. In terms of specs, there are Processor :INTEL CORE I5-7300HQ, ProcessorSpeed(GHz): 2.5, RAM(GB): 8, TypeOfMemory(RAM): DDR4, HardDiskSize(TB): 1, and GRAPHIC CARD: GEFORCEGTX 1050 4G.

Another model that will take you to excellent gaming experience is Inspiron G3 15 Gaming W56691420TH from Dell. The slim laptop for gamers comes with NVIDIA®GeForce® graphic card and Intel® 8th processor. Therefore, it can display a high resolution and realistic images. 15-inch widescreen delivers a clear display in every angle. Two front speakers create stunning sound with Waves MaxxAudio® Pro system. Two front speakers create stunning sound with Waves MaxxAudio® Pro system. In addition, this model provides excellent performance whether you are playing streaming video games or working with 8th Gen Intel® hex-core processors.

The last recommended gaming laptop is GE72MVR 7RG-029 from MSI. This is absolutely the perfect combination of MSI laptops that corporate with Intel® Core ™ i7 in 7th Gen. It will enhance the performance of VR for up to 10 percent. The 7th Gen of Intel Core H processor applies a small architecture and advanced technology to improve a faster performance comparing to previous generations. The average performance of Core i7-7700HQ is 8% faster than the i7-6700HQ. DDR4-2400 is the latest memory model. This MSI's model uses DDR4-2400 to providing better performance with the highest memory up to 32GB/s for write capacity and 36 GB/s for read capacity. The performance is faster than 40% of the previous model, which is DDR3-1600. There is the Cooler Boost 4 to enhance cooling design for higher power gaming. This system will help actively and effectively push heat out of the system to support while playing games. MSI developed the Cooler Boost 4 technology by installing dual fans, six heat pipes, and the direction of cooling system. Moreover, it can connect faster and convenient via USB Type-C. With SuperSpeed mode, you can transfer data up to 5 Gnps and support the multi-task features up to 3 screens. The structure is made from classy aluminum that enhance the strength and durability.

However, Power Buy Online still has many other Gaming Laptop models that buyers can choose according to your preference in great and affordable price. Furthermore, we have many promotions and special discount for everyone.