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Gaming Keyboard

After the world has entered to the golden age of communication and technology, most people who had attended a gaming event will obviously feel that a computer peripheral becomes popular such as a gaming gear or computer accessories made for gaming. There are several types of gaming gear, for example, mouse, keyboard, mouse pad, headphone, speaker, etc. Moreover, there are many brands available in the market for you to choose based on your preference.  

How does gaming gear differ from ordinary computer accessories?

As mentioned, gaming gear is accessories made specifically for gaming. Hence, there are many different things from ordinary computer accessories as follows.

A gaming mouse is a mouse that is designed for playing game. This mouse has more buttons than a normal mouse with fast response. It is more suitable for your hand since it is made from better type of material. The usage is faster, more accurate, and less space to drag a mouse. Moreover, it has a beautiful design and a long lifetime.

A gaming keyboard has more features comparing with a normal keyboard. This keyboard is more beautiful, made from better material, has more buttons, and has better button layout for gaming. For gaming purpose, there are multimedia buttons such as volume up-down, enable-disable the internet connection, or customized button. Some gaming keyboard has additional ports, which are mostly USB and mic & speaker. It is more convenient for users, so they do not need to use the port at the back of the computer. Another highlight of a gaming keyboard is the transformation from a rubber dome to a mechanical system, which allows a user to press multiple buttons at the same time while a normal keyboard can support only 4-6 buttons simultaneously. Therefore, a user can perform many game commands and increase the lifetime of a keyboard.

Gaming headsets are a headphone that specializes in gaming. A headphone is another important gaming accessory, especially for a shooting game. These headsets will be used to detect the location of a competitor. There are many types of headset including over-ear, on-ear, earbud, and in-ear headphones.

However, one of the most developed accessories is a mechanical keyboard, which is well-known to have a faster response than a normal keyboard. The actuation point on buttons of a mechanical keyboard is more shallow than that of a normal rubber keyboard. Therefore, gaming performance will be better and faster. Power Buy Online would like to recommend two mechanical keyboards that are suitable for gamers who need fast response and optimal performance.

The G413 Carbon Mechanical Backlit keyboard from Logitech was developed to deliver advanced performance with the right feature set. The top of the case is made of a lightweight and high-strength 5052 aluminum alloy. Hence, the body is slim. Underneath, there is mouse and headset cable management, plus adjustable-height feet with rubber stabilizers that give confidence for the heavy gameplay.

The BlackWidow Ultimate IP54 keyboard from Razer is the new standard of gaming keyboard with waterproof, dustproof, and IP54 standard. The highlight of the Blackwidow Ultimate is the action point that has high speed and accuracy. The restricted buttons can support more than 80 million presses and has a special design for this model. There is a font style adjustment on the keyboard to look more elegant. Moreover, there is the Razer brand's backlit green light system that comes with an effect that a user can adjust each button independently.