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Gaming Controller

There are several gaming controllers for gamers available in the market as the fast response is essential. Hence, it is the beginning of a gaming controller. Nowadays, the E-Sport has been spread around the world. Other than the practice, gamers also precisely require a gaming gear such as a joy controller. Although, we have a mouse and keyboard to control a PC game, some games are better with a joy controller. There is another problem as a player probably does not know how to select a proper joy controller or other accessories such as headphones or a keyboard. These accessories are essential for gameplay. Several brands have launched a new model to target this group, for instance, Logitech, which released a full-set gaming controller, SteelSeries and CORSAIR who are top and gamers' favorite brands, and another top and high-quality brand like Razer.

Meanwhile, Power Buy Online understands and serves the best thing to our customers by importing several gaming controllers at a special price. The imported products can cover all of your lifestyles such as a gaming headset from CORSAIR, Stereo HS50 (CARBON) that is made from highly durable material. The comfort over-ears are made from memory foam with RGB lighting, which is a must-have feature in a gaming gear nowadays. The audio system is normal stereo but the audio driver is a 50-mm Neodymium dynamic driver. Therefore, it can provide details of the position and weight of sound. Another gaming headset is Arctis Pro + Game Dac BK from Steelseries. It has a strong black design with soft earbud and RGB lighting in E-Sport style. In terms of specs, it is the first gaming headphone that supports Hi-Res Audio system 96 kHz / 24 bit. As a result, it provides a dimension and dynamic sound that is different from other headphones.

Furthermore, there is the BlackWidow Ultimate IP54 keyboard from Razer, which is the new standard of gaming keyboard with waterproof, dustproof, and IP54 standard. The highlight of the Blackwidow Ultimate is the action point that has high speed and accuracy. The restricted buttons can support more than 80 million presses and has a special design for this model. There is a font style adjustment on the keyboard to look more elegant. Moreover, there is the Razer brand's backlit green light system that comes with an effect that a user can adjust each button independently. The mouse gaming lightspeed wireless gaming G703 from Logitech is a gaming mouse that is specially designed for speed, accuracy, and durability for gaming with a 1 ms report rate. With this reporting rate, it is 8 times faster than a standard mouse, which means when moving or clicking a mouse, you will notice the response almost immediately. Hence, you can adjust a DPI value to five-speed levels while using from 200 DPI for melee attacks to 1200 DPI for the speed movement in 180 degrees. Moreover, you can pre-programme or pre-configure the command set regarding your needs with 6 buttons on a mouse. It will increase your convenience and reduce the complexity of your gaming.
No matter what device you want, Power Buy Online always imports these devices as the gamers' answer. Moreover, we select only the best and verified product with national standards