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Windows Desktop PC

       It could be said that this is an era of the desktop computer. No matter where we go, it seems like the computer has become essential for all of us already. For today, we are going to discuss How to cost-effectively buy a desktop computer that matches your needs and lifestyle.

First, you need to understand that desktop computer could be divided into two categories. A typical desktop computer and an All-in-One which is combine the screen and case into one unit. It also requires less desk space for installation and, more importantly, it often comes with a touch screen feature. As for the price, there is not much difference between these 2 types nowadays. For the advantages of the typical desktop computer, it is more convenient for users because the entire unit is separated into multiple parts including monitor, computer case, mouse, and keyboard. Each component could be upgraded separately such as increasing the RAM capacity or upgrading the graphics card. In terms of maintenance, it is easier to clean each computer part. It is also simpler to dismantle or reassemble each component in the unit. In case of buying a customized desktop computer, you can choose the brand, model, performance of each part to be assembled as needed. Desktop computer is also more stable than a notebook because of the differences of cooling system and the size of the device. Speaking of maintenance costs, desktop computer equipment are standardized so that there is not much difference in each computer part among the various brands and models. Therefore, the cost of spare parts and the maintenance cost are not as expensive as a laptop. In addition, desktop computer can handle the heat better. If the heat is increasingly added up, you can install more fans into the computer case to cool them down. You can easily check the condition of the installing fan by yourself as well. However, this kind of computer also has disadvantages. Desktop computer requires more spaces to place the entire unit as well as its accessories. Because of the separation of each component, you need to place each part into the right position. If there is no proper space for the placement, it might cause adverse consequences which might make it inconvenient for you to use. There is also a difficulty to move the entire unit because of the heavy weight of each component especially for an old monitor. Power failure could also cause a major problem for many people who do not have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) installed. Your computer might never get back to life anymore if this kind of power failure happens. 
     There are still things to be considered when buying this kind of computer including the core processor (CPU), which is a computer component acting in controlling the processing of various data that includes the signal calculation and interpretation derived from the input devices as well as computer data storage such as Hard Disk and RAM to get those data displayed as an output. So the CPU is the first factor that buyers should consider because it reflects the overall performance of that computer. The speed of the CPU will tell you that what kind of usage it can handle such as using general documents, playing 3D or 2D games with high resolution, or using for multimedia and entertainment purposes. There is also the Motherboard (Main Board) which is the main device for connecting various components in the computer together. Another important thing is the memory (RAM) because it is responsible for storing and caching data that is waiting to be processed or has already been processed in order to be used in the output display. In addition to these various internal devices, the buyers must always consider their needs and lifestyle as another main factor as well.