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Using Mac, iMac, Mac Pro, and other Mac computers are similar to using Windows computers. You can use a mouse to click and navigate. Clicking on an application icon once will select it while double-clicking will launch it. The screen layout of Mac computers is unique as the application icons will be at the so-called Dock, which is at the middle bottom of the desktop. You can add and delete what's on the dock by dragging the icon in and away from the Dock, respectively. You can try launching an application by clicking at the Safari icon (Apple's web browser that comes with Mac OS). However, it may sometimes be confusing to use Mac computers if you are used to Windows computers. Therefore, Power Buy Online will introduce various applications that have similar functionalities as Windows applications. 

Entertainment Applications

MPlayerX - is an application that plays various video formats on Mac. It is suitable for playing a file from a VCD.

VLC - is another well-known application suitable for those who like to play unusual file formats. If you ever used it in Windows, you may prefer VLC over other applications. It can play various formats of a file as well.

DVD Player - is an application for playing a DVD on Mac. Only launch the application after you insert the DVD (you can configure it to launch automatically). The advantage is its ease of use, but it can only play DVD format.

iTunes - is an application that is convenient for Mac users. It is easy to manage the Library. It also comes with the iTunes Store, which allows you to buy songs and movies. The disadvantage is the limited types of file format it can play.

Chat Applications on OS X include Messages, which is for sending iMessage. Other well-known chat apps are WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, and Skype.

CD Burning Software for Mac includes two popular and widely used applications as follows.

Toast - is an application that can do anything from converting files, burning CD, and many more. The high price reflects its exceptional performance (99.99 USD)

Disco - is an application for burning CD. It used to be a paid application, but it is now free for download. The highlight of this application is the ease of use. Insert the disc, choose the file, and instantly burn the CD.

Multilingual dictionary, Potchana

In Mac computers, there is only Dictionary application for Thai and English (but not translated across languages). A Thai developer, Potchana, has developed a project for this purpose. It currently has ten dictionaries in total.

Potchana is an open source project. If you are interested, you can visit GitHub and join the project owner to develop more features. 

Folx Go Download Manager Application

Windows users may know several download manager apps like FlashGet, Orbit, and IDM. There are several similar apps on Mac, but the most widely used is the Folx Go. To start downloading, type in the URL and press Enter. If you would like to start downloading from a web browser, go to Folx Go > Preferences > Browsers > Install Extensions. It will redirect you to a browser extension installation page. Then you choose your web browser and install the extension. 

Versatile Movie Conversion Application HandBrake

HandBrake is an application for converting and customizing various movie files. It is free, but it is difficult to use. 

The above information is collected from various sources. There are several other applications that you can download such as Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and AI. They are available for Mac users to purchase to fit their lifestyles and needs.