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A computer itself cannot work without a mouse, keyboard, and other important components. One of the essential things is software that controls a computer function and it can also be called a “program”. Before it becomes a program, it has to be logically implemented. Each process will be implemented thoroughly by a programmer. A language that will be used is a programming language, which is readable for a computer such as BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, etc. The software can be classified into 2 categories, which are system software and application software.

The system software is a program for controlling and connecting all hardware functions. Moreover, it provides a convenience for a user to manage, maintain, and translate a programming language in both high and low level into a readable format for a computer. It can be divided as follows.

OS (Operating System) is a program that connects hardware and software. It is responsible for controlling the various parts of a computer. The examples of OS are
DOS is the operating system that has been used since the past. The last version is 6.22
WINDOWS is highly popular nowadays. The latest version is WINDOWS 10
UNIX or Linux is the operating system that has been used widely in the universities, government sectors, and private companies that required a large computer system.
Mac OS X is the operating system from Apple that has a special design and uniqueness. 

Translation Program is responsible for translating the program and instruction set that has been implemented in the non-machine language, for example, BASIC, COBOL, C, PASCAL, FORTRAN, ASSEMBLY, etc. There are three translation program types as follows.
Assembler is a program that uses ASSEMBLY language. The translation will be processed set by set. When the processing is done, it will proceed to the next instruction set. 
Interpreter is the program for translating a basic language. The translation will be processed set by set until the end of the program.
Compiler is the high-level program that will translate high-level language to machine language. It will translate an instruction set first and then compile an instruction set one by one. 

Utility Program is a program that provides the facility to user for working faster and easier such as anti-virus program, uninstallation program, file compression program (WinZip-WinRAR) for compression file to a smaller size, backup program (Backup Data), and so on.

Diagnostic Program is a program that checks an error of computer devices. When an error is detected, it will display the information on the screen such as NORTON and QAPLUS programs. Application Software is a program that is used for various tasks based on your needs. It is a program that is implemented by a user and it can be divided into 2 types.
General software is a software where one software can operate multi-tasks such as document management software (Microsoft Word) that can manage document, report, brochures, mail, media, and software for communication and information system.

Specialized software is for specialized usage such as mechanical control program, bank transaction program, student registration program, etc.
Nowadays, there are several softwares or programs that help us to work easier whether it be calculation, translation, or management. Some software comes at a high price. However, you should use a genuine software to support a software creator so they will launch a new and useful program for us.