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Other Computers & Office accessories (Power & Cable)

Computer accessories are the accessories that will work with computers by connecting through different types of port. It is an add-on that helps increase the work efficiency of PC computers. PC computers typically have four main components including the processor, the media storage, the input, and the output. We can also connect various computer accessories to a PC as follows.

Printers - The printers are used for printing documents, images, or other types of printable media via the computer. There are several types of printers such as inkjet printers, laser printers, and photo printers. We can also buy an all-in-one printer that combines a printer, a scanner, and a copier within a single device.

Scanners - The scanners are devices that allow us to copy the physical images and documents and save them in our computers in the digital format. Newer models also allow you to print, send faxes, and photocopy within a single device. However, you can also choose to purchase solely a scanner.

Speakers and headphones - Speakers and headphones are the "output" devices. It means that they are the devices that send the data from computers to users in the form of sound. It allows us to hear the sound and music. There are several types of speakers and headphones. You can connect them to your computer via a USB port or an audio port. Some monitors also come with a built-in speaker.

Joysticks or game controllers - Typically when you play computer games, you can control everything via a mouse and a keyboard. However, we can also buy these accessories to enhance the gaming experience even further.

Cases - Cases are boxes used for storing various computer components. The size of the case varies upon individual usage style. It also depends on the available space for storing the case. The case typically comes with a built-in power supply.

Power supply - The power supply is a device that supplies electricity to computer parts. If a computer has a lot of accessories such as hard disks, CD-ROMs, and DVD drives, it is recommended that you choose a power supply with high capacity to be able to supply sufficient power for your computer parts.

Other computer accessories include those devices that we are familiar with like a keyboard. A keyboard is a basic device that every computer must have as it allows you to type in data or commands into a computer. A hard disk is another common computer accessory, which is used to store data. It always comes with a computer in a rectangular shape with a circuit board for operation control on the bottom and slots for power supply and other cables. The internal components are completely covered to prevent damages. The main board is a large electrical circuit board that combines essential electronic components together. It controls the operation of all parts within the computer. The CPU is responsible for processing, so it is often called a processor or a chip. It is one of the most essential components of a computer. Last but not least is the display card. The operation of a display card begins when various programs send their data to a CPU. After CPU finishes processing the data, it will transfer the data to display on a screen via the graphics card. Newer graphics cards come with a circuit to accelerate 3D image processing. They also come in different capacities, and some can even process within the card. It will help ease the processing burden of the CPU, making a computer works faster.