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There are various types of speaker

A speaker is a device that can transmit sound for us to hear. Nowadays, a speaker has become part of our daily lives. Thus, it is essential to choose a speaker wisely. You need to understand the components and details of a speaker before purchasing. There are various types of speaker as follows.

A multimedia speaker for a computer: this kind of computer speaker is a standard 2-piece speaker, placing on the left and the right. By plugging a 3.5 green jack directly to your computer, it is ready to use.  In better models, a built-in amplifier is available, giving a better sound. As a sound card directly sends the unamplified signal to the speaker, it reduces the noise from other PC equipment as well.

Subwoofer speaker set: it is a 3-part speaker, also known as 2.1 channel. It consists of a left speaker, a right speaker, and an additional bass speaker, which is called a subwoofer. It provides extra loud bass sound. For action movie lovers and gamers who are familiar with the explosion sound, the subwoofer will enhance such sound even more. It is increasingly popular due to its inexpensive price, a good sound it delivers, and the space needed to install it is small. It is suitable for all entertainment purposes such as listening to music, watching a movie, and playing a computer game.

Digital multimedia speaker set: it is a speaker set that receives a sound signal from a USB port and amplifies it directly at the speaker. An advantage of this type of speaker, apart from the elimination of noise, is the ability to adjust sound directly from the computer software. For example, you can modify the volume, alter the pitch, separate channels, and even decoding sound by Dolby sound decoder.

Surround speaker system: it consists of 5 - 8 speakers such as 4.1 CH, 5.1 CH, 6.1 CH, and 7.1 CH. These speakers are placed to surround the audience back and forth. It also has a subwoofer to provide bass sound. This type of speaker system further divides into those with a decoder and those without a decoder. Surround speaker system with a decoder will support a broader range of a sound signal, which makes it suitable to be a miniature home theater.
 In addition to the type of speakers, there is also the issue of speaker position and arrangement. There are a few principles that will help maximize the sound quality of your speakers.

Standard two-piece speakers should not be placed too close together: Many people place the speakers near to the monitor. Some place them too close together, which will reduce the sound dimension. The optimal distance between the two speakers are 120 - 180 cm to allow for the best sound dimension separation.

Do not block the speakers by placing a computer monitor in front: This is something that should not be done as the direction of sound will be blocked.  When some parts of the sound detail are missing, it will make music listening experience “less enjoyable”.

Speaker stand: A good stand will act as damping, which will reduce vibration making the speaker "still". The more still the speaker, the lesser the noise and results in better sound quality. There is a variation of a speaker stand with different price range. You can choose based on your preference.