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เมาส์ (Mouse)

A mouse has always been one of the essential computer accessories for several years. However, with the introduction of a notebook computer, people tend to work outside of the office and become used to the touchpad. Carrying around a mouse is inconvenient. However, carrying around a wireless mouse is still a popular option nowadays. Many of you may have a question on which type of mouse to buy. Let's take a look at different types of mouse and their features before deciding which one is the most suitable for your needs. 

Ease of use. A wireless mouse is more convenient than a wired mouse because you will never have to worry about the wire, which allows you to move the pointer freely. There are two connection types for a wireless mouse including Bluetooth and Wireless 2.4 GHz. Bluetooth is more suitable for notebook and desktop computers that come with a built-in Bluetooth transmitter. This will save one of your USB ports as well. Fore Wireless 2.4 GHz, you will need a specific type of transmitter, which will require plugging in one of your USB ports as well. If you want to compare the two types, the Bluetooth type is more convenient as it is wireless, and it does not require any USB port.

Function buttons. If we talk about all the function buttons on a mouse, we will be able to see more in wired type, especially a gaming mouse. This kind of mouse comes with several function buttons. Thus, if you need to use them, a wired mouse is a better option. For wireless mouse, there are not many that come with a lot of buttons as they are designed to be easily portable, not for gaming. Additionally, a gaming mouse can be wired as you usually play it at a designated place. The customization of the function buttons can be seen more in gaming mouse as well.

Source of power. If you are using a wired mouse, you will never have to worry about this as the power supply comes directly from a USB port. However, if you are using a wireless mouse, you will need to insert batteries. Most of the wireless mice use AA or AAA batteries. Some use a single battery while some require more. You can easily buy an alkaline battery. However, we recommend a rechargeable type as it is more economical and more environmentally friendly. Additionally, a single charge allows the battery to last longer than an alkaline battery. There is also another type of wireless mouse with a built-in battery. To charge the battery, place the mouse on top of a charging dock. This approach is very convenient as you do not need to buy a battery, but it is still not widely used and is still quite expensive.

Last is the signal transmission speed. Nowadays, signal transmission of a wireless mouse is no longer slow, especially for general purpose usage. For gaming, you can also play freely without any worries about the delay. This is due to the advancement of signal transmission technology, which has helped the wireless mouse to perform better than ever before. However, in the case of low battery, it depends on each brand's design on whether the signal transmission will be delayed or not. Additionally, please carefully examine the weight of the battery. The heavy battery will make it less convenient to move the mouse around.