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A lot of people may overlook the importance of laptop bags and cases. However, they can actually protect your electronic devices such as a laptop, a smartphone, and others from scratches or damages. First, let’s get to know the different types of bags and case. For bags, you may be quite familiar, but for cases, there are various types depending on the usage. Therefore, Power Buy Online would like to introduce you to different types of laptop bags and cases.
A computer case is a rectangular box made from metal or hard plastic to contain various components of a computer such as a motherboard, RAM, CPU, graphics card, hard disk, and many more. There are three types of a computer case. The first type is the Tower, which is a large vertical box for storing server computers that need internal compartments or cards. The next type is the Mini-Tower, which is a smaller vertical box that is widely used today for personal and office use. Another type is the Desktop, which is a horizontal box. It used to be popular in the past, but not so much today.

For the material of the case, there are also three main types. The first type is made from Aluminum, which is best for cooling and is the most expensive type. The next one is made from iron, which is durable, heavy, and good enough for cooling. The last type is made from acrylic, which does not support much cooling, but the design is usually more attractive than the other two types. As you can see, there is a variety in usage, material, and design. Therefore, there are a few points to consider before purchasing a computer case.

Choose based on your needs. You should choose a computer case based on your needs. Nowadays, there are a lot of computer case manufacturers on the market. Each manufacturer designs unique and attractive computer cases, so we have a variety of choices. You can choose based on design, price, or material. However, it is important to note that the case must support either ATX, ATX Full size, or mATX mainboard. You can inquire the seller on this before purchase.

Check the functionality for your computer needs. This means that the case must come with essential computer components such as a motherboard, power supply, hard disk, as well as support the hardware upgrade. For example, if you would like to add another hard disk, there should be enough space in the case. You should also consider a front USB port, which will be more convenient for plugging in. Another essential point is the placement of a power supply and cooling fan. They should be arranged neatly to allow for highest performance.

Check the cooling fan capability. You should purchase a case that comes with cooling fans at the side or on top. However, the number of the fan should not be excessive or else the power supply will be overwhelmed and they may produce a loud noise. They may cause dust to enter the case as well.
Ensure installation safety. You should make sure that the case does not have any sharp angles for your own safety. Some models come with a rubber sheet on the area that you need to put your hand inside for installing hard disk and power supply. This will prevent electrical shocks as well as cuts from sharp edges. You should also ensure that the landline is in place to prevent electrical shock as well.

Last but not least, you should make sure the convenience when installing and placing the components. Sometimes, you may need to replace the components like hard disk by yourself. You can search the instructions on the Internet and follow through easily. However, if you choose a case with a complicated layout, it may be more difficult to change anything. If you need to replace some of the components, it may be troublesome. Thus, you should find a case with only one cover that allows you to see all the components inside for easy replacement (for wires, it depends on your personal skills). Today, you can easily insert a hard disk just by opening the case over and plug it into the case.